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Trump bans asylum for illegal migrants

Trump Administration Vows to Ban Asylum for Illegal Migrants

Migrants who cross the southern US border illegally will no longer be eligible for asylum, Trump administration has said. The new policy implies that if any citizen tries to enter the nation in an...
Oregon sex offender

Oregon Sex offender gets 22 years after missing boy, 14, found in his room

Recently, an Oregon sex offender was convicted to be in the federal jail for 20+ years. The judgment is announced after the officials discovered a boy, aged fourteen (14), in his halfway house where...
Jeff Sessions: As per Robert Mueller's investigation

Sessions Resignation Puts Mueller’s Investigation Under Threat

Described as 'Witch hunt' or ‘No Collusion' by Trump, him re-assuming power in 2020 has a lot ridding on Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's meddling during the 2016 election. As a result, to protect...
US midterm elections

How Democrats Plan to Proceed For 2020 Elections Post US Midterm Elections Result?

Since the 2016 election defeat, a good number of the House Democrats have exercised great caution in terms of public discussion of what they plan to achieve if they eventually regained control of the...
US mid term elections

Republicans might lose House of majority in the US elections

As more and more GOP seats look vulnerable, Republicans fear that their House majority might be eliminated on Election Day. Democrats need to win only 23 seats and the House majority will be on their...
Trump and Saudi Arabia prince Mohammed bin Salman - questionable relations

Trump’s US Mid term Win – The Victory of Saudi Arabia

Democrats are leading by a double digit score against their opponent, the Republicans, who only have 43 percent of likelihood of winning as compared to 50 percent likely voters who prefer Democrats. Yet, it...
Rihanna disapproves of her music being played at Trump rallies

Rihanna disapproves of her music being played at Trump rallies

Right before President Donald Trump’s appearance at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on Sunday night, pop star Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” was played. But when Rihanna learned that her 2007 hit was played,...
Virginia Uranium Case

Virginia Uranium Case’s Fate to be Decided by the US Supreme Court

Coles hill, a Federal-style manor built in around 1817, presides over the largest untapped deposit of uranium in the United States. On Monday, the US Supreme Court will decide whether members of Coles family,...
Rihanna urging her fans to cast votes for US midterm elections

Celebrities Urge Youth to Cast Vote in the US Midterm Elections

Turnout for elections is an important aspect holding key to the nation's successful tomorrow. Therefore, understanding its importance, celebrities are urging their fans to go out in big numbers and cast their vote. Rihanna, Travis...

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