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GOP Congress Winner Denver Riggleman Tagged “Bigfoot erotic lover”

With the US mid-term elections over and out, the claws are out, as politicians and opponent will use any measure necessary to debase their rivals. The viewers witnessed, as the winner representing the GOP...
Trump bans asylum for illegal migrants

Trump Administration Vows to Ban Asylum for Illegal Migrants

Migrants who cross the southern US border illegally will no longer be eligible for asylum, Trump administration has said. The new policy implies that if any citizen tries to enter the nation in an...
Trump and Saudi Arabia prince Mohammed bin Salman - questionable relations

Trump’s US Mid term Win – The Victory of Saudi Arabia

Democrats are leading by a double digit score against their opponent, the Republicans, who only have 43 percent of likelihood of winning as compared to 50 percent likely voters who prefer Democrats. Yet, it...
Claire McCaskill and Trump

Donald Trump Slams Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Idea

Donald Trump's attributes cannot keep him away from the controversies, a habit, offering more comments than developments in the United States of America. As the mid-term election deadline approaches thick and fast, Trump has...
Brett Kavanaugh

Is Kavanaugh case giving political leverage to the Democrats?

The vicious battle to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh hasn’t turned in the favor of Republicans till now. A poll conducted by CNN highlighted that Democrats were heading into the midterm elections with...
Taylor Swift at 46th AMA

Taylor Swift urged fans to vote during her speech at AMA

The 46th American Music Awards on Tuesday saw the opening of the ceremony with a fiery performance from popular singer Taylor Swift of her song “I did something bad.” Swift not only won the...

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