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US midterm elections

How Democrats Plan to Proceed For 2020 Elections Post US Midterm Elections Result?

Since the 2016 election defeat, a good number of the House Democrats have exercised great caution in terms of public discussion of what they plan to achieve if they eventually regained control of the...
Rihanna urging her fans to cast votes for US midterm elections

Celebrities Urge Youth to Cast Vote in the US Midterm Elections

Turnout for elections is an important aspect holding key to the nation's successful tomorrow. Therefore, understanding its importance, celebrities are urging their fans to go out in big numbers and cast their vote. Rihanna, Travis...
US midterm elections

Obama endorses 81 candidates prior to 2018 US midterm elections

Former US president Barack Obama has endorsed 81 candidates prior to US midterm elections to held in 2018 fall, his office announced Wednesday. "I'm proud to endorse such a wide and impressive array of Democratic...

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