February 1, 2023

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“120 Days of Sodom”: France buys world-famous erotic novel

“120 Days of Sodom”
France buys world-famous erotic novel

While imprisoned in Bastille, Marquis de Chad wrote the notoriously erotic novel “The 120 Days of Sodom.” Now this work is being taken over by the French government through frantic sexual practices. It costs 4.5 million euros to buy an 18th century scroll.

The famous erotic novel “The 120 Days of Sodom” by Marquis de Sade is now owned by the French government. The government purchased the work from 1785 to 4.55 million euros, according to the Ministry of Culture, funded by former banker Emmanuel Bassard. De Sade’s most important text is to be added to the Bibliotech de l Arsenal in Paris, which already contains a collection of notable works of the 18th century.

Donatian Alphonse Franுவாois de Chad (1740-1814), nicknamed “The Tragedy”, wrote the text “The 120 Days of Sodom or the School of Liberty” in 1785 while imprisoned in the Paris Bastille. The novel describes the brutal sexual practices of four wealthy French people.

De Chad believed that this work had not survived the storm of Bastille in 1789. However, in reality, it was brought to the defense by the revolutionary Arnax de Saint-Maximi and changed hands several times. Among other things, the German psychiatrist Evan Bloch obtained it and made possible the first publication of the novel in 1904.

It most recently belonged to Gerrard Lourdes, the founder and businessman of Aristobil, which is being investigated for fraud. The French government used the company’s air in 2017 to classify the manuscript as a “national treasure”. In order to finance the purchase, the government called on companies to “finance” – successfully. Bouchard, who was manager of the Bibliotech de l Arsenal in Paris from 1943 to 1964, paid in full.

The Ministry of Culture hailed the novel as “a truly cultural monument, an important text of critique and imagination, insurrection and now a classic” that has deeply influenced numerous writers. De Chad wrote the novel in very small, barely clear handwriting on a scroll more than twelve meters long, consisting of 33 sheets eleven centimeters wide, glued together.

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