January 27, 2023

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13-year-old boy murdered: Dean asks on Instagram how to dispose of body | news

First he killed, then he didn’t know what to do with the corpse.

In Bensalem, Pennsylvania, police arrested 16-year-old Joshua Cooper for allegedly killing a girl and then asking for help on Instagram to dispose of the body, the news channel reports. “CNN”.

A concerned mother called local police after receiving her daughter’s Instagram video chat from a friend, a spokesperson for the agency said. In the clip, the 16-year-old is seen claiming to have killed someone. He then rotated the video image to show the legs and feet of the man lying in a pool of blood. He then asked if anyone could help rescue the dead woman.

Immediately realizing that the video was not a bad joke, the mother called the police emergency call center. The cops didn’t believe it was a joke either, and went to the youths’ address in an out-of-town trailer park.

At the site, they found a girl bleeding to death with a gunshot wound in the bathroom of Silver Camp. According to the police, there are several signs that someone has actively tried to remove traces of blood from the crime scene. According to police, the identity of the deceased 13-year-old is yet to be clarified.

A safe containing guns and a holster with a handgun were missing from one of the trailer’s bedrooms, police said. “The Philadelphia Inquirer”. Cooper was later arrested a short distance from the trailer park.

He is being held in a juvenile detention center without bail, police said. He has been charged with multiple counts of manslaughter, illegal possession of a firearm and tampering with or falsifying evidence.

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