2019 World Series

2019 World Series: Stephen Strasburg Justifies ‘Stay in the Fight’ Motto

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After a splendid comeback in the Game 6 of the 2019 World Series, Washington Nationals (WSH) – the National League Champions – continued with their striking performance to win the 115th edition of the World Series by defeating Houston Astros by 6-2.

The striking performance by the team’s pitcher Stephen Strasburg during the entire tournament is amongst the many reasons to celebrate the notable win in the tournament. Furthermore, the team’s perseverance despite setbacks at the start of the season has also successfully made a historical accomplishment by winning the first World Series of the franchise.

When WSH drafted Strasburg as number one overall in 2009 MLB draft and signed him with a contract of $15.1 million for the tenure of four years, even then the selection committee had hopes that he would one day play a crucial role in one of the World Series, helping the team become world champions.

And, Strasburg justified his signing as he left no stone unturned and went on to win in his debut match in 2010. His performance was so splendid, that the debut was named “Strasmas”. After juggling between injury and rehab, he made a comeback so magnificent that 2014 became the best season of his career.

Another reason that makes the historic win worth celebrating is that the team has come a long way to win the tournament, especially after starting the 2019 season with a win-loss record of 19–31. The team, however, managed to end the season with 93–69 win-loss record.

Moreover, to make their first appearance in the 2019 World Series, they overcame the hurdles in the form of Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals. When the team struggled with improving their win-loss record at the starting of the 2019 season, it was the motto ’Stay in the Fight’ that helped them to persevere.

On the other hand, Strasburg continued with his mesmerizing performance during the tournament and that included Game 6 performance, which comprised of two earned runs on five hits and seven strikes in 8.1 innings.

Strasburg and Max Scherzer played a vital role during the Game 7 as they together achieved 3-0 with two no-decisions in the tournament, becoming a key part in winning the 2019 World Series.

After losing three consecutive games against Astros, all seemed lost for the Washington Nationals and the losing streak might have continued if Strasburg had not come to the rescue.

But, everything turned out fine for Strasburg and ultimately for the team as he became the MVP of the tournament and delivered the first win of the franchise. With speculations of Strasburg opting out of his contract, only two questions hang loose.

Will he use his achievement from the 2019 World Series to boost his earning to maximum and what lies ahead for the pitcher of the Washington Nationals?