2020 Hopeful Bernie Sanders Proposes to Change Criminal Justice System

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Seeing the current plight of the criminal justice system, one can say with certainty that it is one of the things that needs to change. It seems that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has understood the gravity of the issue. He therefore, introduced a policy on Sunday to change the scenario of criminal justice of the country, if he is elected as the President.

Prior to the release of his enticing proposal, Sanders in an interview said, “We have a system that imprisons and destroys the lives of millions of people. It’s racist in disproportionately affecting the African American and Latino communities, and it’s a system that needs fundamental change.”

With his policy to reform the criminal justice system, Sanders intends to reduce the prison population of the country by half, put an end to minimum sentencing which is obligatory as of now, impose sanctions on private prisons and legalize marijuana and much more.

With such policy, 2020 Democratic Hopeful Bernie Sanders also aims to enforce “Prisoner Bill of Rights” to provide the detainees the rights to living wages, educational training, and the right to vote.

It might be possible that Sanders has released the plan to attract the African American voters across the country. It is also not a coincidence that Sanders released this proposal at his campaign trip in South Carolina, where majority of the Democratic electorate is African American.

The reality of the current criminal justice system is seen from the fact that approximately 2 million people, suffering from mental ailment, are detained annually.

Not to ignore the disturbing face of the justice system due to which minimum of 460,000 people are detained in local jails as they are unable to pay the bail amount. This really shows how much the current US administrations cares about bringing a change for better and improving the quality of the society.

On putting an end to the Capital Punishment, 2020 hopeful Sanders said, “When we talk about violence in society and trying to lower the levels of violence, it is not appropriate that the state itself is part of capital punishment.”

Among all the leading 2020 Presidential Democratic candidates and following the second Democratic debate, Sanders is a major name. With the elections and third Democratic Debate nearing, every Democratic candidate is vying to garner more support. The candidates are trying to do so by introducing enticing policies and promises like to change the current American system. And, the release of such a plan might do the needful for Bernie Sanders.


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