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Will Warren End Political Sexism ahead of 2020 Presidential Elections?

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From a long time, the country’s politics, especially during the presidential elections, have used sexism to impede the campaign of the female candidates. However, it seems that the 2020 presidential elections will be the first of its kind where female candidates will be chosen on their electability and policies, instead of being subjected to sexism.

The Democratic campaign for the presidential primaries has always involved many strong and confident women. Yet for the first time, the presidential primaries have witnessed a candidate, who has decided to take sexism in the elections with a head-on.

In the past, many female candidates have raised their voice against sexism. But, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has responded to the issue in a witty manner, maintaining her composure, and indicating she can hold the office at the White House.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise when she is mentioned as the front runner in the race of the 2020 presidential elections, leading Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Her approach to the questions related to sexism has also helped her to become what many believe might be the future of the country’s politics.

It is the same approach that has forced once-hesitant Americans on women leading the country, to be completely comfortable with Warren leading the nation.

The approach of 70-year-old Massachusetts Sen. to sexism has left the voters in splits and tipping them in her favor. The recent instance at a town hall event in Exeter, New Hampshire corroborates the fact to the very point.

During the event, Sen. Warren, one of the top Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential elections, was asked “How to get men to vote for a woman for president?” Instead of complaining like Sen. Amy Klobuchar did, Warren replied, “Give them a tough, smart woman to vote for!”.

This is another reason why Sen. Warren is considered the future of the country’s politics. Unlike other hopefuls Warren always knows how to answer improper questions with calm and perfect reply.

Her last month’s response to the question related to gay marriage is the perfect example of how a candidate standing for presidency or the President himself should answer.

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