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Repealing Hyde Amendment Finally Becomes a Priority for 2020 Hopefuls

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It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Republicans have never supported women over their right to their own bodies or helped them in grave circumstances. The Hyde Amendment, passed by the House of the Representatives in September 1976, has recently come into light for its provision. Along with the amendment, former Vice-President and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden is once again in limelight for all the wrong reasons.

According to the original amendment, which was passed by some of the greatest congressmen of all times, “None of the funds contained in this Act shall be used to perform abortions except where the life of the mother would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term.”

Democratic hopeful Biden, while answering questions of one of the supporters, agreed that he believes in repelling the hyde amendment, a law since 1976. However, Massachusetts Senator and another Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren, while speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes slammed the amendment and Biden.

While standing for the women’s rights, she stated that the amendment has been “wrong for a long time” and is an attack on the underprivileged women.

“Here’s how I look at this: I’ve lived in an America where abortions were illegal,” Warren continued.“And understand this: Women still got abortions. Now, some got lucky on what happened, and some got really unlucky on what happened.”

“But the bottom line is they were there,” she added.

While the reasons to repeal the hyde amendment and Biden might be uncertain to many, Warren spoke as a candidate thinking about the welfare of the women, and standing up against the act that suppresses women’s rights. Her interview did show that irrespective of her future in the upcoming elections, she will always come forward as a woman first. 

Not only Biden and Warren have expressed their opinion against the amendment, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand took to social media and said that making the amendment void is “criticial” and that the reproductive rights should be “nonnegotiable for all Democrats”. Similarly Sen. Bernie Sanders said that “#NoMiddleGround” is allowed on abortion rights and he would work to repeal the hyde amendment.

While the government in the past might not have worked to repel an act, which strips women of their right on their own body, it certainly would be worth seeing someone taking a charge and making the Hyde amendment void.

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