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Sanders-Clinton Feud Continues as 2020 Primary Elections Approach

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As the 2020 primary approaches, the past controversies and feud between the Democratic hopefuls have begin to make the news. A recent interview of former First Lady and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton has once again made the presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders questionable, creating a stir amongst the political pundits and voters.

In an interview, which was published on Tuesday by a magazine, Clinton accused Sanders of promoting hostile culture in his presidential campaign. She further accused him of “permitting” and “supporting” his campaign aides and supporters attacking “competitors, particularly women”.

However, Tuesday night, Clinton confused everybody after she retracted her statement, saying she would support Sanders if he wins the 2020 primary. Clinton contradicted her earlier statement, when she denied supporting Sanders during the interview.

She justified her statement from the interview in a tweet last night. She said that since replacing Trump with a Democratic hopeful is the main priority for everyone, therefore, she will do whatever she can to support the Democratic nominee.

While her tweet gained a lot of heat, it also opened a can of worms from the 2016 primary elections that might affect the votes during 2020 primary. As per many supporters of Sanders, the Democrats interfered in the 2016 primary to ensure that Clinton won the primary, leading to Sanders’ defeat.

In the interview, Clinton even said that she still stand by her remarks made regarding Sanders in the upcoming documentary. Clinton, in the documentary, says that even though Sanders has been in Congress for years, “nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done”.

Critics have claimed that Clinton’s accusations on Sanders and his campaign aides might negatively impact him in the 2020 primary elections. The major reason behind the accusations is Sanders’ promotion of sexist culture in politics, which was evident after another hopeful Elizabeth Warren disclosed the former’s remark about a woman not worthy of winning the presidential elections.

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