December 5, 2022

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26th Climate Summit: The world agrees on climate protection – international politics

This is an exaggerated meeting – the biggest climate summit of all time!

Nearly 200 states, 40,000 delegates, 13 days of talks. Finally, a deal with 97 more or less specific resolutions!

Nevertheless, the following applies: before the summit and after the summit.

Because: The final document of the 26th Climate Summit (also known as “COP26”) was submitted 24 hours late on Saturday, full of announcements of intent to be revived now at the end of 2022 and in subsequent years. .

BILD names the decisive passages.

1.5 degree target

The “Glasgow Climate Agreement” aims to control global warming by 1.5 degrees compared to the previous Paris climate agreement, which was signed six years ago.

The agreement states that all states will “strive” to achieve this goal. States are being asked to improve their climate targets for 2030 by the end of next year.

Reduce greenhouse gases

Overall, the Glasgow resolution calls for greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) By 2030 will be 45 percent lower globally than in 2010. Contrary to what many countries have called for, the final document does not explicitly blame the largest greenhouse gas producers – the G20.

Coal discharge

For the first time in the final document of the climate conference, a specific climate protection measure was named: calling on states to withdraw from coal-based power generation and cancel subsidies for fossil fuels.

Emerging countries India and China gradually weakened the region in the course of the conference. Now the Glasgow decision refers only to “inefficient” subsidies and coal in the case of CO2 Cannot save using CCS technology. However, each signing state can define the word “incompetent” for itself …

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Financial assistance to vulnerable countries

The industrialized nations have not yet fulfilled their promise of providing $ 100 billion a year for climate protection and adaptation in poorer countries. The Glasgow Declaration calls on industrialized nations to fill the gap. The plan by Germany and Canada to achieve the target by 2023 is highlighted. The final document also states that funding for adaptation activities should be at least doubled by 2025.

, The “Glasgow Climate Agreement” promises additional support for developing countries to deal with climate-related damage and losses.

An independent organizational structure – such as funding for assistance programs – is not mentioned. This prevented the demand of many poor countries. Industrialized countries, such as the United States, fear legal action for compensation if they acknowledge their liability for damage through financial obligations.

Report required

The Glasgow Climate Agreement “encourages” states to restructure their climate plans for five years. From now on you can compare who is doing how much and who is doing what.

நாடுகள் Some countries have asked for an additional annual balance sheet.

The delegates agreed to a transparent review of the national climate plans to be submitted to the United Nations. From 2024 onwards, signatories will be required to report their emission balance every two years – specifically how many greenhouse gases have been blown into the air. This also applies to industrialized countries: they must continue to demonstrate which climate projects they started, funded and completed.

CO2 trade

The delegates agreed on the rules for the cross-border market for CO2Certificates or compensation schemes such as wind turbines or deforestation. Such projects can now be exchanged or purchased by countries to improve their own carbon footprint.

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Additional columns are intended to prevent projects from being double-calculated – i.e. from the country where the project was implemented and from the country that paid for it. According to German Foreign Secretary Jochen Blasphardt, such dual bookings have now been rejected.

Special agreement between China and the United States

Unexpectedly, two major greenhouse gas producers, China and the United States, announced serious cooperation. As geopolitical tensions were affecting relations between the two countries, it was assumed that this goodwill was ultimately impossible.

த்தில் In a joint declaration, both parties agree on obligations prior to CO2-There is a gap between reduction and Paris goals. Exchange and cooperation in renewable energy expansion, greenhouse gas methane reduction, decarbonization and forest conservation have been announced.

The truth is: the world’s climate problems cannot be solved without China. China is responsible for 30 percent of global emissions. So far, Beijing has promised to reduce its emissions by 2030. On the contrary: until then, they will continue to rise. If it is, there is no way to meet the 1.5 degree limit.

Analysts say: China should finally come forward with a date for 2025. While this is not the case in the current Glasgow Declaration, the chances of Beijing leading the way are better than ever.

German Environment Minister Svenza Schulz (53, SPD) hailed the Glasgow agreement: “The fossil fuel era is coming to an end and the energy breakthrough is becoming a global precedent.” U.S. Climate Commissioner John Kerry said the talks would “be said to be correct.” Don’t be “it” and stand in the way of the good. And it’s good. “

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his disappointment. The new climate agreement “is an important step, but it is not enough. It’s time to dump her and move on. “