February 4, 2023

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49ers don't expect to add Baker Mayfield?

49ers don’t expect to add Baker Mayfield?

After ordering his Panthers out, Baker Mayfield on concessions. More than $1 million remains in the contract for the former No. 1 overall pick, complicating a potential late-season claim. But the 49ers certainly make sense as a team that might consider such a move.

opposing team Lost the second quarterback due to a serious injury; Jimmy Garoppolo It would be closed for the third time during his five-plus season tenure in San Francisco. Kyle Shanahan I addressed the issue of Mayfield’s availability on Monday, but HC doesn’t expect the 49ers’ sixth-year rookie team to add the former Browns and Panthers.

We’re looking at everything, but now this would surprise me,” Shanahan said, via ESPN.com’s Nick Wagner (on Twitter). “We have to discuss more this afternoon. I’ve always been a fan of him, but I feel really good about our players. We’ll look at everything but I feel good about where we are. “

With Garoppolo expected to land on IR, the 2022 49ers will only have Mr. Brooke Purdy And a daily-worker extraordinaire Josh Johnson – Set to start his fourth stint with the team after spending the season on Denver’s coaching lineup – as an available quarterback. Mayfield, 27, would make sense as an addition here, given his lineage. But it would take a lot of scrimmaging QB to digest Shanahan’s complex offense and positioning to make a quick impact. However, Purdy is clearly poised to ramp up the liability exponentially. If Mayfield continues in free agency, the 49ers will have an interesting option.

While Mayfield played a key role in overcoming the Browns’ match drought 20 years ago, he hasn’t replicated that form often since. The four-year-old Browns player played a Shanahan-style offense in Cleveland, and the Panthers were impressed with how quickly he caught Ben McAdooa crime. But no turnaround has begun from an injury-plagued 2021. QBR Mayfield Slots is the worst start to the season so far. Mayfield’s 18.2 would rank as the second worst in the second quarter era. Just Jimmy ClausenHis 2010 rookie season – also with Carolina – had the worst score (13.8).

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Purdy showed somewhat surprising effectiveness in the 49ers’ victory over the Dolphins, completing 25 of 37 passes for 210 yards and two touchdowns. Purdy threw 1,467 varsity passes as a starter at Iowa for four years, and although those throws didn’t generate much draft interest, his first appearance fared better than Tri LanceFirst extended outing last season. Purdy’s performance also prompted the 49ers to release them Nate Sudfeld This is an offseason; The team then retained the 262nd overall pick as the third Stringer to enter the season. However, now that teams have time to prepare for Purdy can change the equation — even with the 49ers deploying four All-Pro offense.

For now, the Purdy-Johnson duo will be the way San Francisco tries to pick up the Garoppolo chops. It will be interesting if Mayfield lands with a team before the end of the season.