November 30, 2022

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5 Tips from the Packers' OT Beat the Patriots

5 Tips from the Packers’ OT Beat the Patriots

4. The Packers unfortunately blew two chances to win the game.

In the third-eighth New England 40 with just over two minutes left in the fourth quarter, Rodgers Dobbs hit a ball deep into the end zone and Lambeau exploded to the cheers.

Only Doubs lost control of the ball when it hit the ground, and the pass was judged incomplete.

“I was partying,” Rodgers said. “(The Patriots going through a lunge) Matt Godon was standing next to me and he said, ‘He dropped it.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ And they showed the replay and he didn’t take it to the floor.”

This led to an ill-fated decision by LaFleur to appeal the call, which was upheld on replay. The missed timeout proved to be formidable, as the Packers then pinned the Patriots to their 2-yard line with 1:52 remaining, but with only one timeout remaining, the Green Bay wasn’t able to get the ball back until New England hit it only. 14 ticks to go.

With another timeout, the Packers may have forced the Patriots to throw the ball close to a minute on the clock, plenty of time for another lead for game-winning points.

LaFleur was highly self-critical after the match, calling it a “Hall Mary” fault for throwing the red flag, and even admitted assistant coach Conor Lewis advised him from the booth not to challenge Dobbs’ play.

“Thank God, our men saved me in this regard, but it was definitely the worst decision of the day by me.”

The Packers-Giants of Tottenham Hotspur rise in seven days, a pair of 3-1 NFC team jump across the Atlantic for what promises to be a wild and tumultuous environment.

“That’s a challenge in itself,” LaFleur said. “It’s the same for both teams, right, in terms of who can handle that travel best usually gets out there and performs best.

“There’s a lot to clean up before we get on that plane to go to London.”

But once again, the packers are fixing their mistakes after a tough victory that overtakes the alternative.

“Winning is winning,” Rodgers said. “That was an ugly first half, a good second half. We’re going to celebrate this, and now the schedule is as physically challenging as travel.”