December 10, 2022

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50,000 new infections a day: Great Britain rejects another lockout

50,000 new infections a day
Great Britain rejects another lockout

Immunologists in Great Britain are already warning of a dramatic situation at Christmas. Because the epidemic process is getting worse in the kingdom. However, the government did not see any reason to act immediately. And a new lock is questionable for them.

Despite the rapidly rising corona numbers, the British government has rejected the new lock to control the epidemic. “Thanks to vaccines, we are in a different situation than we were a year ago,” British Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak said in an interview with the Times. There are a number of possible measures against the spread of the virus in the winter, “but these options do not include locks or other significant economic restrictions.”

In the event of a bad corona condition in the UK, the government will call it Plan B, however, which will only include superficial measures such as reintroducing the need for the mask or recommending work from home. Despite the recent sharp increase in about 50,000 new infections and corona deaths per day, the London government is yet to implement Plan B. There have been almost no corona operations in the UK since mid-July.

Immunologist Peter Openshaw, who sits on the government advisory board, warned in a BBC interview about another “locking Christmas”. If restrictions are not imposed immediately, the situation will inevitably develop dramatically. He advised the British to be careful. “Do everything you can to reduce the spread. Don’t wait until the government changes its laws.” The sooner you act, the more likely you are to have Christmas with your family.

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