December 6, 2022

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62.8 trillion digits: The circular number pie was calculated more accurately than ever before

62.8 trillion jobs
The circle number Pi was calculated more accurately than ever before

At school, the pie is rounded to 3.14. But for scientists this is very inaccurate. They allow computers to calculate nearly 63 trillion decimal places. Why? Goal the goal.

With 62.8 trillion digits behind the coma, Swiss researchers have so far provided the most accurate calculation of the circular number Pi. According to the University of Applied Sciences Grabundon, it surpassed the current record of 12.8 trillion posts. The goal of the project is not to have an accurate knowledge of the sequence of digits, but rather to calculate the sequence of these digits, the researchers write on their website.

Hardware was used for the calculation, which also required RNA analysis, flow simulations, and text analysis. The number of pies coming from the school will certainly be remembered as 3.14 (rounded to three notable digits), already familiar to the ancient Greeks. The Babylonians also knew the approximate values ‚Äč‚Äčthat were acceptable. In the past, it took time to calculate by hand; Today it is done by computers.

The diameter of the pie circumference indicates the ratio. In other words, the circumference of a circle is 3.14 times longer than its diameter. It took Swiss researchers 108 days to calculate the 62.8 trillion digits. According to the information, the last ten known digits of Pi are now 7817924264.

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