February 4, 2023

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99,000 troops killed – hospitals filled with soldiers

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In the 300-day war in Ukraine, Russia has suffered heavy losses. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports current statistics. ticker.

  • Other setbacks: Russia has high losses Ukraine conflict
  • Editor’s note: Information is processed here Ukraine war Some came from warring parties Russia And this Ukraine. Therefore, they cannot be independently verified in part.

+++ 10.05 am: The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has published the latest statistics. Accordingly, compared to the previous day, more Russian soldiers fell. A total of 430 people died.

  • Players: 99230 (+430 to previous day)
  • Flights: 281 (+0)
  • Helicopter: 266 (+2)
  • Tank: 2995 (+7)
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: 5974 (+5)
  • Artillery systems: 1960 (+7)
  • Air Defense Systems: 212 (+0)
  • Multiple Rocket Launcher: 410 (+0)
  • Cars and other vehicles: 4599 (+13)
  • Ships: 16 (+0)
  • Unmanned Combat Drones: 1680 (+23)
  • Source: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Russia’s biggest loss in Ukraine war: hospitals overflowing with soldiers

+++ 9.00 am: Hospitals in the Ukrainian city of Lugansk are overflowing with Russian soldiers. It comes from one News portal report Ukraine Pravda outside. Three hospitals were made available to care for wounded Russian soldiers, but there were insufficient medical staff and medicines for the large number of people. 1,000 wounded Russian soldiers are hospitalized.

Update from 7:30 am on Tuesday, December 20: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky estimates that Russia has already lost 99,000 soldiers in the 300 days since the war in Ukraine began. In a few days, the number of occupiers killed could rise to 100,000. “And for what? No one in Moscow has an answer to that, and it won’t be (in the future),” Zelensky said in his video address on Monday evening. For security reasons, both sides did not provide precise information on the losses of the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces. However, Western military officials recently put the number of Russian soldiers killed and wounded at more than 100,000. Zelenskyy’s adviser Mykhailo Podoliak recently put the number of Ukrainian casualties at 13,000.

Ukrainian soldiers stand in front of a downed Russian helicopter.
Ukrainian soldiers stand in front of a downed Russian helicopter. © Michael Shtekel/dpa

Heavy losses for Russia in Ukraine war: Ukrainian civil servants record victories

+++ 9.55 pm: Ukrainian Air Defense Forces shot down two Russian helicopters on Monday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said in its evening statement. Details about the exact model of the aircraft are still unknown.

The Ukrainian military also attacked a Russian ammunition depot, two checkpoints and two Russian troop positions, the report said.

Russian losses in the Ukraine war: Putin had to postpone the invasion several times

+++ 9.15 pm: Putin is said to have repeatedly postponed the date of the Russian invasion of Ukraine before the start of the war on February 24, 2022. explains that out loud Ugrinform Representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has consulted with Sergei Shoigu several times and postponed the attack three times. This was last done in mid-February 2022. Finally, the Russian secret service pushed for the invasion.

“The Russians were confident they had made adequate preparations,” the spokesman continued. However, Russian civil servants completely misjudged the situation. Army units were supplied with food, ammunition and fuel for three days only.

Russia records losses in Ukraine war: 18 drones destroyed

+++ 3.15 pm: During an aerial alert on the morning of December 19, 23 unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted over the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. 18 drones were destroyed. This was announced by the military administration of the city of Kiev.

During the air alert, 23 enemy UAVs were spotted over the capital. Our security forces destroyed 18 drones. There were no injuries. However, debris damaged the road in Solomyanskyi district and windows of apartments in Shevchenkivskyi district. Unfortunately, a critical piece of infrastructure was also hit. “Emergency services are working to eliminate the consequences,” Serhii Babko, head of the military administration, said in a message on Telegram.

Losses to Russia: Tanks and combat vehicles destroyed

+++ 12.45 hrs: Russia lost one tank and six armored fighting vehicles in the Ukraine war. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Update as of Monday, December 19, 12:11 PM: Russia had to accept the loss of six armored fighting vehicles in the Ukraine war. In addition, Ukraine managed to destroy an air defense system.

Russia has suffered huge losses in the war in Ukraine

Report from Monday 19th December: Kyiv/Moscow – The war in Ukraine is still intense. After the invasion of the neighboring country, Russia has to accept increasing losses. Nearly 100,000 soldiers are said to have fallen. According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Other sources put 400,000 soldiers and militiamen killed, wounded or captured in the fighting.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has now released the latest statistics. Accordingly, compared to the previous day, more Russian soldiers fell. A total of 520 people died.

Russia itself does not release statistics on casualties or casualties in the war in Ukraine. According to independent sources, The New York Times At least 10,000 Russian deaths have already been confirmed in Ukraine. (red with dpa/AFP)

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