October 6, 2022

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A man lectures women for not speaking English in Canada in a TikTok video

A man lectures women for not speaking English in Canada in a TikTok video

A woman captured the moment a man subjected a group of Asian women to racist remarks at a train station in Canada.

Donna Damaso downloaded a file Clip to TikTok On Sunday a masked man scolds two women for do not speak English During their conversation at Brighouse Station on the Richmond Canada Line. According to Damaso, the accident occurred on August 11.

“It was the first time I had this kind of situation,” she said. CTV News. “He harasss women so I decided to speak up and tell him that this is not true and that he is racist.

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In Damaso’s clip, the man can be heard lecturing the women to speak English because they are in Canada. When Damaso approaches them and calls the man a racist, he repeatedly denies being one. At one point, he claims to be a lawyer.

According to the man, “his mother tongue is French,” and “he was born here, raised and educated.”

Damaso then tells the man that he has no “right to tell people” in the language they can speak.

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Undeterred, the man replies, “If we have to bend back to adapt, that’s a problem. Why do we have to bend back? You move to Japan, and you speak Japanese.”

The man repeatedly asks Damaso why you don’t care about women who speak another language while trying to get away.

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Damaso and the Asian women themselves finally separated from the man as they made their way up the escalator to the stage. The man in the clip can be seen in the distance on his bike.

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So far, Damaso’s video has garnered more than 366,000 views on TikTok and nearly 25,000 likes. Several comments praised Damaso for standing up to the man, while others reprimanded the man for claiming to be a lawyer.

This incident brings to mind a similar racist sermon last year by a man too He claimed to be a lawyer He graduated from McGill University.

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