January 28, 2023

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A photo many: Slovenia’s EU Council Presidency begins with a scandal

Updated July 1, 2021, at 11:00 p.m.

  • Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa is one of the most controversial state and government leaders in the European Union.
  • Now his country is taking over the presidency of the European Union.
  • Initially there is a scandal.

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At the beginning of the presidency of the European Council in Slovenia, a meeting erupted between the EU Commission and Prime Minister Janானs Jசாnchez. EU Deputy Commissioner Franz Timmermans skipped the date for the family photo on Thursday after talks at the Firdaus Congress Center, as right-wing nationalist Jhansi had previously complained at a session of alleged communist judges and MPs in his country. According to the participants, a photo was also shown in which the judges, who were criticized by Jhansi, circled.

Social Democrat Timmermans “Sutch Zeitung” said Jansa could not stand on the same platform after “unacceptably attacking and slandering two judges of the EU parliament and two members of the Social Democratic parliamentary committee.” The independence of the judiciary and respect for the role of elected representatives is a cornerstone of the rule of law, without which ME Unable to work.

Van der Leyen asks Jansa to be respectful

According to participants in the meeting, EU chairwoman Ursula van der Leyen pointed out to Jhansi that judges are allowed to have an autobiography and that they should be treated with respect even if they have a different political opinion. A spokesman for the Slovenian presidency initially declined to comment. He pointed out that the conversations were confidential.

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Van der Leyen did not initially mention the incident at a joint press conference with Jansa. However, she warned him to abide by the rules of the law. Confidence is the most valuable asset of the EU. It also includes confidence in an independent justice system. An EU official spoke of “unnecessary provocation.”

Slovenia Just hours before leaving Portugal, the EU Council took over the presidency, changing once every six months. During its presidency, the former Yugoslav Republic, among other things, wants to work for rapid progress in EU access negotiations with the yet-to-be-allowed Balkan countries. Because of Jhansi’s controversial political stance, the country should fear that other issues will cover up the presidency.

Jhansi has been accused of attacks on press freedom

Politician fired for obstructing the work of the new European public prosecutor’s office by blocking the sending of two Slovenian lawyers. He is accused of attacking the freedom of the press and civil society, as well as supporting controversial Hungarian legislation barring information about homosexuality.

As a small country of about 2.1 million people, Slovenia generally does not have a particularly large influence on European decision-making processes. However, in the event of disagreements between EU countries during the EU presidency, it will play an important mediation role for six months. Slovenia has been a member of the European Union and NATO since 2004.

Due to the disruption of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, European politicians demanded EU Commission At the beginning of the Council presidency, it called for the use of the new EU sanctions tool to stop payments to Slovenia from the social budget. The letter, initiated by German Greens MPs Daniel Bryant, Francesca Brandner and Sergei Lagodinski, called for immediate action by the European Union on the country’s latest developments.

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Jhansi speaks in support of EU expansion

Left-wing M.E.P. There were also harsh criticisms from Martin Shirdevan. “The current head of government, Jhansi, is intimidating journalists in his home country and cutting money from media outlets that are not loyal to the government,” he said. However, any content-related plan for the Council Presidency is beyond “safe exit from the epidemic.”

Achim Post, vice-chairman of the Social Democratic Party parliamentary committee in Puntestock, said: “Of course, it is now important for the Slovenian EU Council to support the presidency in ensuring that Europe remains united during the crisis.” But that doesn’t mean Jansa will be dealing with baby gloves for the next few months.

At a press conference with Van der Ley on Thursday, Jhansi denied all allegations and asked for support for his priorities for the EU Council presidency. He said EU expansion was a strategic answer to key challenges. If the EU does not expand, others in the Balkans have warned of the interests of countries such as China and Russia. (dpa / fra)