September 28, 2022

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A terrible accident in Holland: a truck crashed into a barbecue party – many people died! | news

Terrible accident in Holland |

A truck crashed into a barbeque party – many were killed!

In the suburbs of Rotterdam (Netherlands), neighbors wanted to have a barbecue and were victims of a terrible accident.

Just after 6pm on Saturday, a truck was driving in Nieuw-Beijerland when the car suddenly went off the road. In a freak accident, the truck slid down the slope and hit neighbors who were having a barbeque party at the foot of the dyke. According to Rotterdam police, several people died.

Bitterness: As an eyewitness told a news website “ AD“Both the children were injured. She had bloody cubs in her hands.

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The rescue operation is still going on in full swing. Three helicopters and eleven ambulances are in operation.

According to Dutch media, the neighboring country’s celebration is said to be an annual event. The victims had previously gone on a boating trip together.

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