December 5, 2022

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Aaron Rodgers, Packers lukewarm in troubling loss to leaders led by Taylor Hynek

Aaron Rodgers, Packers lukewarm in troubling loss to leaders led by Taylor Hynek

Alarms sounded in Green Bay. That is if they are not already noisy.

The Hazmon threw a passing bomb in Washington on Sunday in 23-21 loss to the leaders. Aaron Rodgers He looked a bit like the best player in the back-to-back league as Green Bay lost their third game in a row.

The players got on the board first and entered the first half with a 14-10 lead. But Washington took the lead when it landed in the opening round of the second half and did not concede it. The Packers, who entered the season with hope in the Super Bowl, were left to resort to desperate measures against one of the league’s worst teams in the game’s final game.

As such, the Packers are now 3-4 with questions revolving around how effective Rodgers will be at the age of 38 while playing with a diminishing receiving team. lose out New York Jets The giant teams are one thing. Beating against leaders with Taylor Hynek The quarterback is something else.

Rodgers didn’t make any big mistakes on Sunday. He made no plays as Green Bay mustered 232 yards of attack against a Washington defense that entered Sunday 18th in the league. Packs averaged 4.4 yards per game and weren’t able to come up with plays when they needed them most.

With the leaders leading 20-14 early in the fourth quarter, Green Bay faced the fourth and one at Washington 37. Needing to drop for the lead, they went down first instead of choosing to attempt a 54-yard field goal. They did not understand. Rodgers’ pass to Romeo Dobbs fell on the grass, and the leaders took over. Their field goal in the possession that followed proved the difference in the match.

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Aaron Rodgers’ offense and Packers’ offense are no longer serious. (AP Photo/Patrick Simansky)

The missed call from Rodgers to Dobbs summed up Packers’ struggles. The fourth-round rookie rose to a key role in the Packers attack seeking the playmakers after an off-season deal for Davant Adams for the invaders. He has yet to deliver with just one game beyond 47 yards. He finished Sunday’s match without catching.

No Packers receiver went past 55 yards on Sunday as checks identified the Green Bay pass attack. Allen Lazard He led the way with 55 yards on six grabs. running back Aaron Jones Added 53 receiving yards. It takes nine grips to get there. He counted 21 of them in a single touch moment in traffic that hailed as the most noteworthy attack in Green Bay today.

Rodgers finished the day by completing 23 of 35 yards for 194 and two touchdowns for Jones. 5.5 yards per attempt would only result in the 6.9 yard average career low he carried over the first six weeks of the season.

This is not the Rodgers who is known for his exceptional ability to throw the ball on the field. He took charge of the Packers attack in 2008 as the anti-Brett Favre – a great gunslinger without the downside of his predecessor who hadn’t thrown more than eight interceptions in a season.

He still avoids match errors. But big plays are a thing of the past. And there’s no reason to expect them to return with this list and Omar Rodgers.

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