October 3, 2022

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Abandoned tanks: Russians abandon modern technology in Ukrainian counteroffensive

Russians abandon modern technology
What the Ukrainians are doing on their counterattack

By Janice Peach

During their counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, Kiev units captured several Russian military vehicles. Some systems are sophisticated and indestructible. So Moscow’s weapons should soon be on the front again. But later in the service of Ukraine.

Since early September, Kiev’s armed forces have been conducting a counteroffensive in northeastern Ukraine. So far with success. Not only have Russian forces hastily retreated from large swaths of the Kharkiv region, they have also left large quantities of munitions behind in their haste. Photos and videos Social networks show not only full ammunition warehouses, but also abandoned tanks and other military vehicles that fell into the hands of Ukrainian soldiers.

The seized vehicles also contained some sophisticated weapon systems. Over the weekend, the first documented case of an abandoned Russian T-90M caused a stir. A Ukrainian news magazine reported that the tank was captured by a radar-absorbing protective shell without any damage. Reporter. Photos of the vehicle can be verified by NTV. The T-90 was introduced to the Russian Armed Forces in 1992. And the updated M variant is a more modern version, which entered service only two years ago.

Last week, military bloggers announced the capture of an armored vehicle that was part of the Russian Borisoglebsk-2 weapons system. The system is used for electronic warfare and is designed to intercept enemy satellite communications and disrupt radio navigation systems. Borisoglebsk-2 has been used by the Armed Forces of Moscow since 2015.

The blog lists captured weapons systems

The Warspotting blog has set out to document Russian material losses since the start of the war. of According to the database From the start of the Kharkiv counteroffensive to September 17, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reportedly captured 74 tanks, 143 armored personnel carriers and 15 multiple rocket launchers. The blog is based on photos from social networks. The data should therefore be treated with caution.

For the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the captured vehicles will be as important as the gains made on the terrain. Because Russia’s army has more heavy artillery and tanks than Ukraine’s. The situation worsens as many of Kiev’s weapons factories have been damaged or destroyed by Russian attacks. Since the start of the Russian invasion, Kiev’s troops have been repairing it using captured military equipment.

Pros: Most pre-Soviet weapons are familiar to players. Tanks like the T-72 are also widely used in the Ukrainian military. But Russian military vehicles introduced after 1991 are also useful. Because they are mostly modernizations of older types. As a result, there is a high probability that spare parts are still available in Ukrainian depots.

(This article was first published on Monday, September 19, 2022.)

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