Virginia Absentee Voting

Absentee Voting on a Frenzy Suggests New Records in the Making

in Virginia

Virginia looks well on course to tumble all its previous ballot voting records as citizens notch up the voting pace, an analysis by Virginia Public Access project has found out. The ongoing pace of absentee voting also suggest that the number of early ballots may come close to 496,452 absentee voters cast in 2016.

The voting which, began on September 15, has witnessed almost 78,000 residents cast a ballot. Interestingly, this is more than double the amount of voters, compared to last year’s gubernatorial election. Besides, back in 2014 during the midterms, state voters cast 123,221 absentee ballots.

“It’s actually quite shocking,” Richard Keech, deputy director of the elections office in Loudoun County, told The Washington Post. “This would be the first time without a president on the ballot that we’ve seen this kind of increase.”

Loudoun County, a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States, has witnessed an immense 239 percent rise in absentee voting this year. This further includes 11,106 ballots either already cast or mailed to voters so far.

The analysis also shows that early voting is remarkably showcasing an upward trajectory in tight House Race, especially in Virginia’s 2nd, 5th and 7th Congressional Districts. The figures indicate a highly-torrid situation heading into a midterm election.

The red-hot controversies, such as immigration, Kavanaugh’s role in hollowing the national interests, sanctioning of economies, wasting resources on cross-border trade war, and supply of weapons for ill deeds, will also be a major factor determining, which party controls the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Therefore, with a great chance to make Trump have a taste of his own medicine , voters are treating the midterm elections as a referendum on the President. A probable reason why the voting records are making a history now.

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