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Joe Biden in Trouble for Accepting Funds from Fossil Fuel Company

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The nearing of 2020 presidential elections has brought variations in the views of various leaders in the country. More importantly, climate change has become a major issue for the Democrats and the activists have successfully elevated the entire concept behind it. However, recently Democratic hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden came into trouble with a fundraiser that was tied to a fossil fuel company.

Earlier, Biden had pledged not to take donations from the leaders of the fossil fuel companies. However, the Thursday’s fundraiser, which he was supposed to attend, was a clear contradiction to his previously pledged and signed statements. Biden claimed that he was unaware that one of the co-hosts of a campaign fundraiser was the co-founder of a fossil fuel company.

The fact was disclosed to him during a seven-hour marathon interview of 10 presidential candidates, at a climate change night, which took place on Wednesday.

Only the selected Democrats, independents and stakeholders composed the audience of the climate change debate. The critics have been wanting a strong and robust action against climate change from the White House officials.

With respect to the fundraising event, Joe Biden claimed that he would rethink about going to the scheduled fundraiser event held by the cofounder of a natural gas company Andrew Goldman, who was also a senior adviser for Biden when the 2020 Democratic frontrunner was in the US Senate.

Goldman is co-hosting a high dollar fundraiser for Joe Biden in New York on Thursday. In response to the critics’ claim that Biden is not sticking to his pledge by accepting money from fossil fuel industry leaders, Biden’s senior advisor shot back saying that Goldman is not a fossil fuel executive and is not involved with the day to day operations of the company.

Though Biden, when questioned about the same, said that he would have to do more research on the entire scenario. “I didn’t realize he does that,” Biden said of Goldman. “If you look at the SEC filings, he’s not listed as an executive. That’s what we look at. The SEC filings,” he added.

Biden continued that his staff told him that Goldman did not have any responsibility relating to the company. He added, “Goldman was not on the board, he was not involved at all in the operation of the company at all. But if that turns out to be true, I will not in any way accept his help. We check every single contribution.”

Amid all the controversial debates related to policies, it is apparent that money is playing an important role in the entire scenario. While the other Democratic hopefuls such as Sanders and Warren are increasing their points by asserting that they are not influenced by millionaires or high-dollar fundraisers, but to win in the similar context appears difficult for Joe Biden, especially at a time when he is being blasted by critics and leaders for the fundraisers.

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