December 10, 2022

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Accident on Corfu Beach: Those trapped in the burning boat were rescued

Status: 02/18/2022 7:01 pm

Rescue operations on the burning car boat “Euroferry Olympia” are in full swing: two people trapped under the deck can be brought off board. 11 more are missing.

A special unit of the Greek rescue service was able to rescue two people from the burning car boat “Euroferry Olympia”. Both have been in contact with emergency services since morning. They were locked down to the base.

State broadcaster ERT showed footage of the helicopter unloading the assistants and then loading them. It was also reported that at least five people may have survived – but this information has not yet been confirmed by the Coast Guard.

Missing eleven

Rescue workers continued their work: 11 of the 290 officially registered passengers and crew are still missing. They are said to be primarily truck drivers who spent the night in their vehicles on garage decks.

“Euroferry Olympia” was sailing from the port city of Igomenitsa on the west coast of Greece to Princete, Italy. The Italian news agency Ansa reported that the fire may have spread from the truck parked on the boat. Pictures and videos showed high flames and a large cloud of smoke over the ship.

Coast Guards and other ships from both countries were quickly at the site, and in relatively good weather, 278 people – including one stoveway – were rescued in the morning and brought to Corbu Island.

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However, it took until the afternoon for rescue workers to bring the fire under control enough to board the ship. Deputy Shipping Minister Costas Katsafados said a full list of all persons on board should be available when all those rescued are gathered in Corfu.

People who died in a boat fire in 2014

There is a lively ferry service between the west coast of Greece and the Italian Adriatic. In December 2014, a fire broke out on a boat running between Badras and Angona on the Adriatic coast. Thirteen people were killed, including nine passengers.