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Accidents in Austria: 9 killed in avalanche

Status: 05.02.2022 3:05 pm

Nine people have been killed in an avalanche in Austria since yesterday. Dozens of avalanches have been reported in Tyrol. The risk is high as the snowfall has been high in recent days.

The death toll from an avalanche in Austria continues to rise. At least nine people have been killed and many more injured since Friday.

In the morning, the Tyrol Control Center was informed that a group of skiers in the Gamersbidge area of ​​Schmidt Municipality had been surprised by an avalanche. The ORF said four of the five winter athletes were rescued alive from the snow and taken to hospital with serious injuries. However, one member of the group was killed.

Eight deaths on Friday

Were already in Austria on Friday According to the ORF Eight people were killed across the country on Friday.

During a search operation in the Wildschönau in the Kitzbühel Alps, a couple were found dead late in the evening. A 61-year-old woman and a 60-year-old man climbed to the summit of Breiteggspitze in the afternoon, but did not return from the trip, according to the ORF. As a result, the Alpine Police, Mountain Rescue and Fire Brigade launched a massive search, using search dogs, helicopters and a drone. Rescue workers discovered an avalanche south of the summit. The pair were buried beneath the ice masses.

Burial of a group of tourists from Sweden

A group of Swedish tourists and their mountain guide were buried in an avalanche in the Ishkel-Samnan ski area on the border with Tyrol and Switzerland. A ski tour of Malfragkopf under them off-the-beast. One in five Swedes was only partially buried in the snow and was able to call a friend on his cell phone, he informed rescue services.

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Due to the avalanche airbag extending from the snow, it was possible to quickly locate the crash site. Helicopters brought the search team to the high alpine area. The caller survived. Other members of the group and the mountain guide died in the avalanche.

Skiers release off-piste avalanches

Also on Friday, one person was surprised to see snowfall in the Earlberg ski area in the state of Wார்rzburg. He wanted to ski with three other skiers into the valley in the open terrain from the top of Knödelkopf. The buried person was quickly found by other winter sports enthusiasts and dug up with the help of rescue crews who arrived. But attempts to revive the 43-year-old were unsuccessful.

“All warnings are useless”

After heavy snowfall over the past few days, the five-area avalanche risk level was at Tyrol level 3. According to experts, most avalanches occur at this level. About 50 avalanches in Tyrol alone were reported to the control center on Friday. Until then it was the most severe avalanche day in winter.

Rudi Mair, head of the Tyrolean Avalanche Warning Service, said: “I’m sorry, but I’m shocked and angry that all the warnings were ineffective. Crisis conditions have been pointed out for several days. Different descents from ski tours and protected pistols currently require a lot of experience in avalanche risk assessment.