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Respecting the Subpoena, Mueller will Testify Next Month, Claims Adam Schiff

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The efforts of Democratic Representative and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and other Democrats have finally bore fruit as Robert Mueller will testify next month before the Congress. Schiff in his statement on Tuesday also hoped that the Democratic Party will be successful to settle the deadlock surrounding the testimony of the special counsel.

This move bore result when the House Democrats furnished a subpoena asking to make an appearance for the first time in his 22 months of investigation into President Donald Trump. Mueller will testify before the Congress on July 17.

As soon as the announcement came, Trump took to the social media, saying, “Presidential Harassment!”

Previously, the Republican Senator from Utah Mitt Romney criticized President Trump for his actions that have made to the Mueller’s report, saying, “The president’s conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that he has not risen to the mantle of the office.”

In an interview with the media on Tuesday evening, Adam Schiff said that the special counsel will be questioned separately by two different committees on the same day. He also revealed that following the testimony of Mueller, the committee is going to question Mueller’s staff as well.

“He was and is deeply reluctant to come testify, but nonetheless he has agreed to respect the subpoena,” Schiff said.

While both House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff have abstained from making a statement over the impeachment enquiry, Nadler urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make a statement. However, Schiff has protested against the same.

In a joint statement with the Nadler, Schiff said, “Americans have demanded to hear directly from the Special Counsel so they can understand what he and his team examined, uncovered, and determined about Russia’s attack on our democracy, the Trump campaign’s acceptance and use of that help, and President Trump and his associates’ obstruction of the investigation into that attack.”

Following Mueller’s last month’s announcement that hi report does not exonerate the President, the number of the Democrats asking for Trump’s impeachment has increased to 79.

While the Republicans are to focus solely on the source and beginning of the investigation, Adam Schiff has made clear that Mueller’s testimony will not be restricted to the “four corners of the report” solely.

With the investigation of Robert Mueller revealing new facts every now and then, the President is sure to experience some difficult times ahead of his re-election in 2020.

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