August 15, 2022

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Adele was in tears while performing at BST Hyde Park in London

Adele was in tears while performing at BST Hyde Park in London

Singer Adele halted her packed London concert on Friday several times to help fans in the crowd in need of help.

The multiple Grammy winner returned to the stage in front of a live audience at her first concert in five years, as she topped London’s BST Hyde Park Festival.

The star was visibly overcome with emotion before hitting her first single, telling the 65,000 audience, “Oh my God, I’m home.”

“It’s weird to be in front of a crowd again. ‘Someone Like You'” added the songmaker. “I get so nervous before every show, but I love being here.”

β€œIt was an unforgettable night,” attendee Alana Sully, 24, who hails from London, told The Post. β€œI was lucky enough to get a ticket in the first place, so it was unrealistic to see [Adele] Singing in front of a live audience after all this time.”

Adele performs on stage at BST Hyde Park.
Adele has stopped her gigs in London several times to help fans who need medical help.
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After discovering that some ardent fans had waited for the singer for more than seven hours in the heat, the singer sent water to those at the front of the loaded audience.

Throughout her two-hour set, the singer paused her show four times to get help for several concert-goers left in need of medical attention.

Solway said the star “puts her fans’ safety before anything else” during the two-hour set.

The star sang many of her old classics "rolling in the deep," "someone like You," And the "sky fall."
The star has sung many of her old classics, including “Rolling In The Deep,” “Someone Like You,” and “Skyfall.”
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Anytime the crowd waved her down, she stopped singing and asked her security for help. It’s not something you tend to see often, Solway told The Post.

The singer wore an elegant black dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline for the occasion, revealing to the audience that she was wearing black non-slip stockings under the glamorous dress.

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“I was told they were going to be slippery, so wear them just in case,” the “Rolling In The Deep” singer told the audience as she showed them the socks.

Stage in Hyde Park during the two-hour Adele Electric Set.
The stage in London’s Hyde Park during Adele’s two-hour electric set.
Alana Solway

The star held back tears as she addressed the audience and told them she was “f-king s-ing herself” after performing her first song.

Adele sang some of her new songs, including “Easy On Me”, “Oh My God” and “I Drink Wine” and dedicated the rest of her 15 songs to her previous albums and hits.

Before taking to the stage, Adele was supported by a host of star-studded women, including Gabrielle, Tiana Major 9, and country star Kacey Musgraves.

The star was overcome with emotion even before she finished her first song of the night.
The star was overcome with emotion even before she finished her first song of the night.
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The performance was Adele’s first public show since she presided over two concerts at London’s Wembley Stadium in 2017. She postponed her Las Vegas residency in January.

Adele is set to perform again on Saturday night to wrap up her two-day stint at BST Hyde Park in London.