Admissions Bribery Case

University Admissions Bribery Case: Celebrities, College Coaches of Top Schools Accused

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In the biggest admissions bribery case started in federal court till-date, celebrated actresses and college coaches have been charged amidst dozens others, on Tuesday.

As per the authorities, nine coaches from the best universities received bribes of “enormous sums” from 33 parents in a trade off for accepting students as athletes, irrespective of their potential and talent.

Schools like Stanford University, University of California at Los Angeles, Wake Forest University, Georgetown University and the University of Southern California are amongst the few schools, against whose coaches the collusion charges for admissions bribery case were made.

Overall, 50 defendants are on the focus of the Justice Department in a supposedly long-haul conspiracy of parents defrauding to have their kids admitted into the college. Television actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among those charged.

As per the statements by the officials, parents squandered amount ranging from $200,000 to $6.5 million as an assurance for the admission of their children.

Prosecutors alleged that the parents provided a total of $25 million from 2011 till 2019 to admission counselors so that coaches and the administration can be paid off to label the children as enrolled athletes to increase their possibility of getting into the best schools.

Prosecutors also made accusations that counterfeit athletic profiles were created so that the students resemble like sturdy high school athletes.

Authorities also claim that the consulting company colluded with the administrators of college entrance exams so that a native of Florida could take the tests on behalf of students or replace their answers with his.

The reason why the top and the best school coaches and administrators were chosen is that to get selected into these notable universities is a achievement for many, as parents from all across the world spent a lot of money to get their children prepared for college admission tests like SAT or ACT.

This admissions bribery case became even more impressive because most of these universities are actually private universities. However, some of the universities are public institutions, like the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Texas at Austin.

As of now there is an uncertainty of what will happen next in these cases. The retaliations in the regard will be entirely up to the individual institutions.

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