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Afghanistan: A400M to evacuate more people today | – Nachrichten – Under Saxony

Status: 08/17/2021 12:01 p.m.

Foreign Minister Heiko Moss (SPD) said the situation was now stable after the chaotic situation at Kabul airport on Monday. More departure flights are expected in the afternoon.

“The German embassy contacted the first group to be evacuated to make the exit possible,” Mass said in a text message on Twitter. Secure access to Bundeswehr Airport. The second A400M of the German Armed Forces, which took off from Wunstorf (Hanover region) airfield for Afghanistan on Monday morning, was soon flown to Kabul from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Foreign Minister: “The goal is to create sustainable aviation”

“The aim is to create a stable aircraft to bring German nationals, local staff and other people safely to Germany,” Foreign Minister Mass wrote in the morning. Defense Minister Annegret Cromb-Garenbor (CDU) told the ARD Morning Magazine: “We hope to be able to create a real flight with the Americans in the next few days.”

Additional information

The Bundeswehr eviction campaign is underway. The Taliban has announced that it will not leave Afghanistan. More on

Seven people aboard the ship during the first takeoff flight

Boondeswar’s first Airbus A400M landed at the airport in Kabul on Tuesday night after an hour’s delay. After a short stay, he departed with seven passengers, confirmed by the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defense. The evictees were five Germans, another from another European country, and a local employee of the Bundeswehr or Central Ministry or Afghanistan.

Auxiliary troops have arrived in Kabul from Seedorf

A spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office justified the low number of chaotic and dangerous situations at the airport. In addition, the plane had to leave the airport again shortly after. According to the Ministry of Defense, the transport plane was the first to bring the Bundeswehr soldiers to Kabul. “These are now being secured so that many who need to be secured can come to the airport.” Forces paramilitary troops from Seidorf (Rottenburg District). They are specially trained for evacuation operations and are intended to assist American soldiers in restoring order and carrying out rescue operations safely.

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AKK: “Evict as many people as possible”

There are 600 bandwagon soldiers to bring Germans, Afghan local staff and those in danger to safety. “Bundeswehr’s mission is clear: evacuate as many people as possible, as long as it is possible,” said Defense Minister Gromb-Karanpower. The two Airbus A400Ms, which launched Monday morning at OneStarp, are expected to bring people to safety via the Tashkent base in Uzbekistan. The third A400M, and the Airbus A310 MRTT, equipped for medical transport, took off from Wunstorf Airport on Monday.

Pistorius insists on quick action

Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) on Monday called on the federal government to act quickly. Bundeswehr now “expels whomever you can”. The visa can be issued upon arrival in Germany. There is currently no time for complicated procedures in Afghanistan. It depends on each day. He previously criticized the Twitter news service: “The eviction is coming too late.” It was an “unqualified, dangerous end of a long, important task”. Opposition federal politicians also criticized the eviction process.

Taliban militants are sitting in a room at the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul.  Alliance Image Alliance / dpa / AP Photo: Zabi Karimi

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Lower Saxony wants to hire more local staff

Pistorius announced that people coming from Afghanistan would also receive protection in the Lower Saxony. According to NDR in Lower Saxony, the State Reception Authority in Brunswick and the Border Transport Camp in Friedland are ready for refugees from Afghanistan. According to the Interior Ministry, how many people will come to Lower Saxony – especially when.

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