December 10, 2022

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Afghanistan Direct: Bayer Bagh accuses federal government of failure

Diegoni leader: “You need to talk to the Taliban too”

Diegoni Thailand President Ulrich Lilly has spoken out in support of talks with the Taliban on safe escape routes from Afghanistan. “You should talk to the Taliban too,” said the head of the Evangelical Welfare Association on SWR. Lilly said “less difficult politics” is needed.

President Diagoni welcomed the fact that several German federal states have agreed to accept refugees in Afghanistan. “We have more well-established structures and resources since 2015, so we are certainly not overwhelmed in any way by the few thousand people in this big country,” the Protestant theologian explained. Helping the people is Germany’s “duty and obligation in the aftermath of this catastrophic exodus of the West from Afghanistan.”

Lilly called on the German government to work within the framework of the European Union for immediate solutions for the repatriation of refugees from Afghanistan and for a permanent resettlement program, namely permanent right to stay. He named women at risk, human rights activists and non-Muslims at risk. “We will see big movements of refugees,” Lilly said, urging Europe to take responsibility.

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