December 6, 2022

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Afghanistan on live ticker: “human remains” found on the plane

“Can help many” – Berlin Mayor Mர்ller wants to support refugees

After the Islamic Taliban actually took power in Afghanistan, the Senate in Berlin is preparing to accept a large number of refugees from the country. “I think it will get in our way. Not today, not tomorrow, but maybe in two or three months,” Governor Mayor Michael Mல்லller (SPD) said Tuesday. “We can not help everyone, but we can help many.”

Therefore, he has been asked to prepare Cernet, “We expect more people from this area back in Berlin. We can help them better,” M முller said. It’s about shelter, health care, education, language intermediaries. “All of this can be arranged in advance. My goal is for us to be prepared for this, at least at the Berlin level.” We helped. “

However, it is not clear how many people will visit the capital in the coming days, weeks or months. According to a spokesman for the community administration, the site’s situation is still confusing. “We are definitely ready to take refugees,” he said, referring to the large number of refugees during the sometimes chaotic situation in Berlin in 2015/2016. “There is enough space in the shelters. However, it remains to be seen how much space is needed.” According to the State Office for Refugee Affairs (LAF), there are currently 1,250 places to accommodate refugees.

According to the LAF, 120 local Afghan workers who worked for Hindu Kushil German agencies have arrived in Berlin with their families over the past few weeks. However, before the dramatic improvements of the last few days they had already traveled to Germany individually and at their own expense with a visa. A further 60 people are expected from this group. It is not clear when they will arrive in Berlin. Apart from such individuals, other Afghans are now likely to move to Europe.

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