December 6, 2022

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Afghanistan: Rocket fire near Presidential Palace in Kabul

Already the Afghan presidential palace was in the capital Accepting Is repeatedly targeted by attacks. At least three rockets have now landed near the building. “Today, the enemy of Afghanistan carried out rocket attacks on various parts of Kabul,” a Home Ministry spokesman said. “According to our initial information, there were no injuries.”

Live footage from a television station showed this happening during prayers marking the start of the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. President Ashraf Ghani and other believers around him continued their prayers despite numerous loud explosions. Initially there were no reports of injuries. It is not clear who caused the rocket impact.

According to AFP reporters, the sound of rockets and explosions can be heard especially on the heavily guarded Green Zone, which houses several embassies next to the Presidential Palace. In the aftermath of the attack, President Ashraf Ghani addressed the gathering from the Presidential Palace on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the festival of Muslim martyrdom. This attack coincides with a comprehensive radical Islamist attack Taliban All over the country together.

Parallel to the rapid withdrawal of US and other NATO troops Afghanistan The Taliban have seized large parts of the country in the past few months. Observers fear that the Taliban could regain power in Afghanistan after the complete withdrawal of international troops.

Radical Islamists already control half and several of the country’s 400 districts across borders of strategic importance. Talks between them and the government in Kabul on suspending the attack during the Feast of Sacrifice have been fruitless.

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Afghan aid workers are said to be stationed at a U.S. military base

From 1996 until the overthrow of US-led troops in 2001, the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and drastically reduced human rights. The United States He intervened in Afghanistan as the leader of the NATO alliance after the September 11, 2001 attacks. All U.S. troops are due to be withdrawn by the end of August. The Armed Forces, In Kundus Stopped in the north, it had completed its operation on June 30th.

Washington Now Afghan wants to bring aid workers to safety. A few locals who supported the U.S. military on the ground are said to be currently on a military base in the U.S. state Virginia To accommodate. State Department spokesman Netflix said the men had undergone a special security check and were particularly advanced in the US visa application process. The first resettlements are scheduled to begin by the end of July; About 2500 assistants are qualified, including their family members.

The United States has already announced that it will launch its exhaust flights later this month, but has not provided further details. Price said the Fort Lee military base is ideal for these individuals to stay in while waiting for U.S. visas. How Afghans will be brought to Ford League is not quoted for security reasons.