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Afghanistan War: Soldiers Died While US Wasted Taxpayer’s Money

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Recently released documents about the Afghanistan War have taken media and the entire nation by storm. The documents have also put a question mark on the administration of various presidents as well as on the efficiency of various officials and leaders of armed forces.

The documents comprise of more than 2,000 pages of “Lessons Learned” interviews and reveal that not only there was discord on the objectives to be achieved with war, there were no clear plans to end the conflict as well. The Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) conducted the interviews mentioned in the document.

According to the documents, 18 years of Afghanistan War have wasted somewhere between $934 billion and $978 billion along with the lives of around 2,400 US soldiers.  

The 2,000-page document also paints a clear picture of how the statistics and data were modified to keep the Americans in dark and to continue portraying the US offensive in Afghanistan successful. On the other hand, it clearly shows the inefficiency of the US administration under three different presidents to devise policies that might favor the troops.

The other concerning factor is that despite no clear plan on ending the conflict and figuring out to achieve the aim tied with the offensive, the officials at the White House sent the armed forces in the Afghanistan War, while they could have been used to attain stability in the volatile MENA region or for successful transition of government, where needed.

To make matters worse, none of those officials or the presidents are now answerable on the policies they employed and how each those policies blew in their faces. Thinking that the officials of the armed forces and at the White House will learn from the mistakes of the past, is surely naive, if not anything less.  

Apart from spending almost $1 trillion in Afghanistan War, the government has spent $1 billion each year since 2012 in the ongoing Syrian Civil War, not to mention the possible billions spent in the second Libyan civil war.  

It certainly is not for the first time that the billions of taxpayer’s money has gone into vain, which could otherwise have improved the conditions of lower and middle-class Americans.

The efforts of the armed forces to bring stability in a particular region, aiding the country in getting rid of radical organization, and achieving a higher standard of living is what the Americans have always been proud of.

On the contrary, misleading the same citizens, sending the troops to get slaughtered like in Afghanistan War despite knowing the consequences and wasting trillions of dollars proves why the US administration needs to start thinking of the effect its policies will have on the citizens, families and the soldiers in the armed forces.

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