December 10, 2022

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African Cup: Corruption! Referee Janni Chicasway ends match between Tunisia and Malik twice

He then apologized and came out with a ball. The final whistle of the match in Cameroon’s Limbe came after 89:45 minutes, thus 15 seconds too early.

This time the whole Tunisian delegation was furious, and coach Mander Kieber frantically waved his watch in front of the officers’ noses. To face the wrath of the “eagles of Carthage” the jury had to leave the field under the protection of security guards.

About half an hour later, the press conference was already in full swing and the game resumed. The Malians with Bundesliga experts Amadou Haidara of RB Leipzig and Diadie Samassekou (TSG Hoffenheim) returned to the field to play the last seconds of regular time and possible pauses. However, the Tunisians stayed in the cabin with Ellis Skri of Cologne, which may indicate opposition.


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The only goal in less than 90 minutes was scored by Mali’s center forward Ibrahim Gone from the 48th minute. Tunisia captain Wahbi Kasri lost his team’s opening match (77th) on penalties.

“Never seen in 30 years”

“I have never seen anything like this in 30 years in this business,” said Tunisian coach Kieber. “His decision is indescribable. Let’s see what happens now.” His players were “already in the ice baths” when the order to return to the field came.

Chicago was nominated for the fifth time for the Africa Championship, he was also at the 2018 World Cup and led to two preliminary round matches in Russia. This is not the first time he has been embroiled in controversy.

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Chicago was once suspended after a match in the African Champions League on suspicion of corruption, according to a CAF announcement at the time. However, the suspension was lifted due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Group F’s second game (0: 1) between Mauritania and the Gambia in Limbe did not go according to plan: on three (!) Attempts, the country’s old anthem, valid for four years, was played on each occasion. The Mauritanian soldiers were confused and some shook their heads. In Group E’s third game, Ivory Coast celebrated a 1-0 (1-0) victory over Equatorial Guinea.

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