November 26, 2022

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After colliding with a truck: 240 passengers derailed in the United States – three killed

After a truck collision
Three people were killed when a train carrying 240 passengers derailed in the United States

On the way from Los Angeles to Chicago, a long-distance train derailed – and several wagons tilted. Police report deaths and injuries. The train is said to have collided with the truck.

Three people have been killed in a train crash in Missouri. The passenger train with more than 240 passengers and 12 crew collided with a dump truck at a level crossing and derailed, according to state rail company Amtrak.

The truck blocked a level crossing in the town of Menton, about 150 kilometers northeast of Kansas City. Eight wagons and two engines derailed. “There are multiple injuries and we can confirm three deaths – two on the train and one on the dump truck,” a police spokesman said. The train was going from Los Angeles to Chicago.

The first photos and videos on social media showed the wagons leaning on their side next to the tracks. Some of the passengers who were able to free themselves were sitting in the overturned wagons. Earlier in the day, another Amtrak train collided head-on with a vehicle at a level crossing in the state of California. Three people were killed in the crash.

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