January 28, 2023

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After Mass Panic at the Pilgrimage: Sadness and Anger in Israel

Status: 03.05.2021 1:36 am

The shock of the disaster that killed 45 people on Mount Maron is profound. When looking for those in charge, the focus is on the influence of radical Orthodox people.

From the hammer of Benjamin,
ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

A new video was released over the weekend. It was done at the scene of the accident. People are pushed from one side to a narrow sidewalk. Police officers are gesturing to run in a different direction. But they can’t. The video shows people still standing. It does not show the pain of the people on the ground.

Benjamin Hammer
ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

At least 45 people have been killed in the worst civil disaster in Israeli history. The victim’s younger brother is called Joshua. The radical Orthodox boy is nine years old. His brother was also killed. Despite the peaceful memory of many places in Israel – the question of who was responsible for the disaster is getting louder and louder.

Two hours before the disaster, at a ceremony on Mount Maron, an employee of the Ministry of Religion interviewed Rabbi Yoshi Swinger. He heads a government agency for sacred places. Schwinger said before the crash that many were aware of the dangers at the site: “Whether it seems strange or normal now, I’m glad the festival is over soon because we’re always nervous and all the precautionary measures will work and everything will go smoothly.”

The guards had warned of the dangers

As a reminder: this is what the head of the authorities said before the accident. “Any boy of any mother, if God forbid, is not at risk of suffocation because he was squeezed or squeezed in the crowd.”

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Ultra-Orthodox Jews mourn at the scene of the accident on Mount Maron. You put the number 45 with the candles – many were killed in the mass panic.


Shortly afterwards a catastrophe occurred – a catastrophe warned by a state supervisor 13 years ago. He wrote that there were not enough escape routes for the crowd at the site on Mount Maron. But nothing happened. This year, the number of believers due to the corona epidemic should be limited to 10,000. Eventually there were more than 100,000.

According to the Israeli media, Interior Minister Ary Teri, who belongs to the radical Orthodox Shaws Party, had campaigned for all believers to be allowed on campus. Amir Ohana, the Minister of Public Security of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, gave him that option.

Legal vacancies

Ohana was there just hours before the disaster. Saw how crowded it was. There is talk of radical Orthodox autonomy in the Israeli media these days. The government is looking the other way. Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has been accused of corruption, has done nothing against illegal places because he is affiliated with radical Orthodox parties.

Glad Malach of the Israeli Democrats sees this: “The guidelines at a stadium or a rock festival would have been very strict. We have already seen the government use double standards in corona matters. Unfortunately, we can now look at the consequences of this approach on Mount Maron. I hope it’s not just about the disaster, it’s about more issues. ”

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There is grief and anger in Israel Рnot just among radical Orthodox Jews. The Meron disaster, which is positive news these days, has somewhat reduced the country’s social divisions. In secular Tel Aviv, people donated blood for their radical Orthodox fellow human beings. The Israeli Arabs in the north of the country fed the radical Orthodox.