February 2, 2023

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After protests in the West Bank: Palestinian Labor Minister announces resignation

To Days of resistance Against the Palestinian Authority West Bank Labor Minister Nasri Abu Jaish has announced his resignation. The Palestinian People’s Party, part of the Jaish, decided to resign on Sunday Fatta According to party spokesman Isam Abu Bakar, the government has resigned.

Therefore, Jaish will resign from his cabinet office on Monday. The reason given was that of Fattah Abu Bakr, President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas Lack of “respect for laws and civil rights”.

In Ramallah and Hebron Protests against the death of Palestinian human rights activist Nisar Panat took place on Sunday for the fourth day in a row. It was closed during the protests on Saturday Conflicts with Palestinian security forces Came.

Panath died Thursday, shortly after his arrest in Ephron. The activist’s family has accused Palestinian security forces of beating him to death.

The 43-year-old Panad is known for being on the online network Facebook Videos released by the Palestinian Authority on corruption charges. He also registered as a candidate for the parliamentary elections in May, which were later postponed indefinitely by Palestinian President Abbas.

The Palestinian Authority has now launched an investigation into Panath’s death, but has been unable to prevent the protests.

According to the autopsy, injuries to the head, chest, neck, legs and arms indicate that Panad was attacked. Less than an hour had passed between his arrest and his death. Panad was buried Friday and thousands of people attended the funeral in his hometown of Hebron.