January 28, 2023

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After Putin’s New Year’s speech – riddles about the blonde girl in the background

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A woman sparked debate in the wake of Putin’s New Year’s speech. He is also said to have appeared in other guises of the Kremlin boss.

MUNICH – At the end of 2022, the rulers of Russia held Vladimir Putin A New Year’s Text. It is actually not unusual for a head of state to give a short speech at the end of the year. The Kremlin boss’ speech sparked debate – but not because of the content.

During the New Year speech, he reportedly posed only with actors in the background and not with actual soldiers. The debate was sparked by a blonde woman who allegedly appeared in other appearances of Putin.

Putin’s New Year’s speech: Is the woman in the background really a soldier or an actress?

Kremlin President Vladimir Putin during his New Year’s address. © Mikhail KLIMENTYEV / SPUTNIK / AFP

Russian media reported that Putin presented the award to the soldiers for their service. After the video was distributed, there was sudden speculation. The soldiers turned to the woman directly behind Putin in the front row. It was not a soldier, as he appeared in different roles in different photos with Putin, it was reported on social media. Hence the conclusion: the rest of the people are not soldiers either.

Belarusian opposition journalist Tadeuzs Gizcan posted footage of an Easter mass and boat ride with Putin on Twitter to show the woman again with the Kremlin boss. “A soldier, a sailor, a devout Christian. God guides in mysterious ways,” he wrote. Other users claimed that Putin had already appeared when he met the mothers of Russian soldiers.

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Kremlin critic Igor Shushkov shared the same thesis on Twitter and did not prove it with photos of the woman, but raised doubts by sharing pictures of similar situations in the past. Shushkov’s statement: Putin is not dangerous to be around ordinary Russians. “He never did,” the Kremlin critic said.

Putin’s New Year’s speech: Confusion with businessman sparks debate

However: reports suggest that the woman seen in photos of the Easter Mass and ship is not actually the soldier who stood behind Putin in his New Year’s speech. T-Online. Accordingly, the previous images were from 2016 and 2017 and had already sparked debates at that time. Apparently, the woman in the old photos is the businesswoman Larisa Borisovna Sergukhina.

Current photos of the businessman show a clear contrast to the soldier behind Putin during his speech. Russian media also called the soldiers by their names. On the news page of the newspaper Izvestia Her name is Anna Sidorenko and she is a soldier in the medical service of the 71st regiment. Yet: Russia’s ruler, Putin, excels on stage. A bizarre PR appearance at a weapons factory is proof. (bb)