December 5, 2022

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After the boat accident on the English Channel: with air surveillance against hijackers

As of: 11/29/2021 12:22 am

EU countries want tough action against traffickers on the English Channel. The Frendex aircraft will be used for aerial surveillance from Wednesday. The crowd erupted as 27 people were killed in a boat accident.

At the crisis meeting on migration across the English Channel, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany agreed to fight the smugglers fiercely. Britain, the country where refugees cross in small boats, has called for the creation of legal immigration routes, French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann said after a meeting in Calais. In addition, Great Britain should further tighten the illegal employment of refugees.

The EU border guard agency Frontex has been closely monitoring the coasts of France, the Netherlands and Belgium. The machine will be operational on December 1, Durman said. At the same time he emphasized the humanitarian dimension. It does not help to convict refugees, the French police want to save lives through their work on the beach.

France and Great Britain continue to seek advice

A few days ago there were 27 people on the way to Great Britain on the English Channel Died as the boat capsized. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for an agreement with France to repatriate immigrants. France responded angrily and called on Great Britain from the current meeting.

“Since the beginning of this year, our police officers have saved 7,800 lives. 7,800 people have not gone to sea because of our efforts,” Dharmanin said. According to the French Interior Ministry, 1,000 police officers have been deployed along the northern French coast to guard the British border. This year alone, 1500 kidnappers have been arrested.

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But this is correct: the number of crossings from France to Great Britain has tripled in less than a year. This year alone there were about 25,000. Thurman’s reason is obvious: “Refugees are at risk of coming and going here in Calais because they are allowed to work in Great Britain without proof of identity, but no longer have the opportunity to apply for asylum in the UK.”

Great Britain calls for cooperation

Thurmanin insisted on continuing consultations with his British Prime Minister Priti Patel. “We want to work with the British. The British are our allies.” However, France does not want to be held hostage to British domestic policy, for which migration policy is a hot topic.

Patel again called for cooperation. “Britain cannot solve this problem by itself. In Europe we all have to work hard, take responsibility and work together in crisis,” he said. Otherwise “even worse scenes in ice-cold water” threatened the next few months.

The BBC showed the extent of the tragedy on the English channel

Over the weekend, the scale of the tragedy was shown again: the BBC spoke to relatives of one of the dead women on the English Channel. Mariam Noori Mohammed Amin’s fiance, 24, told the broadcaster shortly before her death that her partner was losing air to her, but that recovery was on the way – in the end, however, to no avail. Came too late.

The young woman from Iraq wanted to surprise her partner in Great Britain. “When she left Kurdistan, she was very happy. She could not believe she was going to meet her fianc,” said her best friend Iman Hassan. “She wanted to live a better life. She chose Britain, but she’s dead.”