December 10, 2022

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Air Invasion: China flies 39 warplanes over Taiwan – Politics Abroad

Tensions are rising between China and Taiwan. The people want to see the Republican island state as part of its national territory again. And with all his might!

The Chinese Air Force re-entered Taiwan’s airspace with fighter jets on Saturday. The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense says 20 Chinese warplanes first appeared near the Pradas Islands. On Sunday night, 19 more engines crossed Taiwan’s airspace. With a total of 39 fighter jets, the number of engines surpassed the previous maximum number on Friday.

Taiwan’s warplanes rose in two waves to repel Chinese planes. In addition, Taiwan missile systems have been activated for surveillance.

Over the past year, Taiwan has repeatedly complained of air violations by Chinese warplanes, especially in the southwestern and Prada Islands. On Saturday, Taiwanese Prime Minister Xu Cheng-sang already leveled allegations of violence against China.

“China is deliberately engaging in military occupation and damaging peace in the region,” Xu told reporters. China has not yet commented on the air violations. Taiwan will celebrate its national holiday next Sunday with a speech by President Tsai Ing-wen and a military parade in Taipei, during which warplanes will fly.

China has in the past forced Taiwan to recognize Chinese sovereignty. Taiwan, on the other hand, declares itself to be an independent country and to defend freedom and democracy. The United States is one of Taiwan’s most important supporters.

Name Taiwan

The official name of the country is the Republic of China, but the name Taiwan is common inside and outside the island state.

Government agencies now use the name Taiwan and ancillary structures such as the Republic of China (Taiwan) in speeches to international audiences. Products are also labeled “Made in Taiwan, ROC” (ROC: Republic of China) or “Made in Taiwan”.

The country has been participating in the Olympics since 1979 under the name “Chinese Taipei” (Taipei is the capital of Taiwan). Other international organizations, especially – but – in the field of sports, have adopted this regulation.

Conflict in the South China Sea

While China threatens Taiwan, the international conflict over sovereignty in the South China Sea remains tense.

Beijing recently claimed that the United States had violated Chinese waters by one of its warships. The Chinese navy sounded the alarm and the US destroyer “USS Benfold” was later “expelled”.

The United States vehemently opposed this representation of China. The work of the US Navy is carried out “in accordance with international law.” Shi Yi was a lieutenant colonel in the eastern command of the PLA, then the destroyer of peace and stability in the United States and the “Taiwan Strait” (180 km east of Taiwan between the western and Chinese island of Fujian Province).

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