September 25, 2022

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Alexander Dugin: Daughter of Putin’s Chief Ideologist Killed in Car Bombing – Ukraine Denies Involvement

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Daughter of Putin’s Chief Ideologist Killed in Car Bombing – Ukraine Denies Connection

“I think it is perfectly legal to shoot at Russian targets in Crimea”

UN Secretary-General Guterres praised the grain deal and visited Istanbul, where supplies are being checked. Meanwhile, Russian attacks are escalating on Ukraine’s Independence Day. “I think this expectation is entirely plausible,” says Whitman, the former general.

Alexander Dugin is considered the mastermind of Russian President Vladimir Putin and by some the source of ideas for the war in Ukraine. Now his 29-year-old daughter died in a car explosion. Ukraine has rejected the accusation that it is “not a terrorist state”.

BThe daughter of right-wing nationalist ideologue Alexander Dugin has been killed in a suspected assassination attempt near Moscow, according to Russian investigators. “The identity of the dead has been clarified – this is journalist and political scientist Darya Dukina,” shared. National Commission of Inquiry Sunday in Moscow.

The 29-year-old was considered a staunch supporter of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. According to Moscow media reports, he was on Britain’s sanctions list for spreading propaganda and disinformation about the invasion ordered by Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin on February 24.

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According to investigators, Dukina’s car exploded while driving in a suburban settlement in the Moscow region on Saturday evening. Investigators released video of experts working at the site. According to preliminary findings, the vehicle was rigged with an explosive device and exploded. Footage of the burning vehicle was shared on social media. It will be determined in different directions, according to the investigators’ report. She left open whether the assassination attempt was aimed at Dukina’s father.

On Sunday evening, a previously unknown partisan organization known as the “National Republican Army” claimed responsibility for the attack. In a statement, he called for armed struggle against Putin’s regime. All supporters of the regime – whether regional politicians or police officers – are in the crosshairs. Opposition member Ilya Ponomaryov, who lives in Ukraine, acts as the group’s mouthpiece.

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Partisans Ponomarev

Dugin may have given his car to his daughter

Dukina’s father may have been the real target of the attack, Russian media reported, citing family members. He had given her a Toyota Land Cruiser car for the trip.

Dugin, the father of the dead, has been repeatedly described by the media and editors as a whistleblower or the “brain” of Russian President Putin and the source of ideas for the attack on Ukraine. According to a report by the Russian news agency Interfax, Dukin and his daughter attended the patriotic festival “Tradition” on Saturday, which is supported by a presidential foundation. “Father and daughter were supposed to leave the festival together, but Darja drove alone,” Interfax says.

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The attack caused consternation among Russian nationalists and pro-Russian forces in Ukraine. “Terrorists of the Ukrainian regime tried to liquidate Alexander Dugin and blew up his daughter in a car,” Denis Buzhilin, head of the separatist stronghold of Donetsk, wrote on the Telegram news channel. Tarja will be remembered – a “real Russian girl”. Some commentators in Ukraine doubt that forces in the Russian-embattled country are now capable of carrying out such a massacre.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak rejected Kiev’s participation. “Of course, Ukraine has nothing to do with yesterday’s explosion, because we are not a criminal state – like the Russian Federation – and certainly not a terrorist state,” Podoliak said during a television appearance on Sunday, according to the “Ukrainska Pravda” internet portal. .

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