February 1, 2023

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Alexandria Oaxacio-Cortez: Left Democrats attack Kamala Harris for warning immigrants

Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes, Congressman New York City, He wrote on Twitter: “Disappointed to see this:” First, seeking asylum at the US border is 100 percent legal. Second, the United States has witnessed regime change and instability for decades Latin America Driven forward. We can’t help but set fire to someone’s house – and then judge them for running away. “

The progressive Okazio-Cortes, in Congress since 2018, represents the left of the Democrats and has made a name for himself with clear statements about his own party. Among other things, he was a former US president Donald Trump Work for her.

There has also been some strong criticism of Harris’ strike report from human rights groups. It ignored the fact that the application for asylum is open to all under international and US law.

Harris is from the presidency Joe Biden Responsible for solving the migration problem. Since he took office in January, the number of immigrants on the southern border of the United States has increased Mexico Increased strongly. Many of them are from Guatemala.

Harris responded directly when he appeared in Guatemala – it became clear. To those who were considering making a dangerous trip to the U.S. border, he said, “Don’t come here.” Harris said anyone who comes to the border will be rejected.

The U.S. agency for development cooperation will provide up to $ 88 million for projects in Guatemala – to help young, indigenous women and increase economic opportunities.

Mexico and the United States want to fight the causes of the plane

After a bilateral meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamate – who said it was “very obvious” – Harris stressed that it was in the interests of the United States to create such opportunities and share prosperity. He also talks to company leaders about investing in Guatemala.

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His second stop in Mexico was primarily about emigration. The United States and Mexico want the people of Guatemala with programs that promote agricultural growth and promote youth. Honduras And Redeemer Offer better economic opportunities.

Most of the tens of thousands of people who attempt to enter the United States randomly through Mexico each month are from one of these three countries or Mexico. They often migrate due to lack of opportunities due to poverty and corruption, but they also suffer violently as a result of criminal gangs, drought, malnutrition and natural disasters.