December 5, 2022

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Amenophis I: What the Pharaoh reveals on the X-ray machine

Status: 03/01/2022 04:33 am

Egyptian researchers have digitally revealed the mummy of Pharaoh Amenhotep I using computed tomography. In the process, some puzzles were solved – like how the king was. But a secret has yet to be revealed.

By Anna Ozius, ARD Studio Cairo

When the Pharaoh sees a doctor, the professors will even call him home. “I packed my mobile CT machine and went to the Egyptian Museum,” says Sahar Saleem, a professor of radiology at Cairo University. Pharaoh, i.e. his mummy, was brought into the museum garden. It was convenient – it only had to be carried a few meters. “I set up my CT machine in the garden and Mommy did the x-ray.”

Less than half an hour later, Pharaoh Amenophis I created it and was allowed to return to his place in the museum. For Sahar Saleem, work has now begun. He put together several thousand small layers in which the mummy was x-rayed by computer tomography, digitally – in 3D. “So, we actually unwrapped the mummy and got the perfect picture of what the king looked like. He had an oval face with a narrow chin and overbite – he looked like his father lying mummy in the museum. Luxury. It was fun to find these family similarities.”

Pharaoh died at a relatively young age

Amenhotep I, also known as Amenhotep, ruled 1500 years before Christ. The young man led several campaigns during his reign. Why Pharaoh died relatively quickly at the age of 35 remains a mystery even during the investigation.

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“It’s interesting to see that there is no evidence that Pharaoh had any disease or injury. We know that Pharaoh was not a part of wars and battles, but there are always signs of other mummies that Pharaoh had broken bones or infections. Kings did not escape,” says German mummy researcher Albert Zing.

You see nothing like that here, so he seemed somewhat healthy. There is no trace of infectious diseases or gastrointestinal diarrhea in mummies or skeletons, so it is difficult to identify the cause of death. “The only thing that will help here is a more detailed genetic analysis so that you can still find the dead pathogen.”

The bandages have not been touched since they were discovered in 1881

The mummy of Amenhotep I was already discovered in 1881, but the bandages have not been touched by researchers to date. It was able to protect the death mask and the lush flower garlands around it like hair. According to Professor Sahar Saleem, the big advantage of the digital exam is this:

With new technology, we have been able to preserve a mummy that has been around for over 3000 years. To unravel it would be to destroy it. Because then the inside of our air will also be exposed and bacteria and air will attack the mummy.

Three-dimensional scans revealed new embossing techniques introduced to Amenhotep, among other things. He was the first ancient Egyptian king to be embalmed with his hands – as the last pharaoh, his brain was not removed. The experiment gave Pharaoh a face. His death alone will remain a mystery.

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The cause of death of Ramses III. Clarified

Not like Ramses III. – In this case, the German researcher Zink was able to solve a crime about 3000 years old: “It was very exciting because we were able to find out that he was killed by cutting his neck. The background is a harem. The plot is related to one of his wives. You have yet to prove something like this.” That fact must be taken into account. ”

According to the researcher, mummies are one of the most amazing things that has left us in the past: one can gain instant intelligence. Kings are always free from problems and diseases and are provided with excellent nutrition – “When you look at mummies, you often see a different, maybe real picture. It’s very appealing to me.”