December 6, 2022

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America attracts vaccine chaos: lotto million, travel, free flights – politics abroad

Millions of prizes, free flights and scholarships, free taxi rides and lots of free drinks:

In the United States, states and municipalities are constantly withdrawing from each other with new incentives for citizens to receive corona vaccines.

About half of the approximately 260 million adults in the United States are already fully vaccinated. But now the vaccination campaign is running at pace: at its peak, more than three million people were vaccinated every day, now the average is only 1.75 million, and the trend is declining.

Globally, the United States is the land of milk and honey for vaccinations: no one here is talking about a shortage of supplies anymore, and the important thing here is that people get syringes. But according to experts, this is a problem: undetermined, skeptics and anti-vaccine agents abound. Now the undecided, reluctant and vaccinated suspects are the thing to believe.

There are now several offers for this:

– In the state of Ohio, at least the first dose can go to one of the vaccinated citizens Lotteries Win 1 million million per week. There was even a raffle for some vaccines in New York State Grand Prize M 5 Million Given. In the most populous California, a total of $ 116 million is available for vaccine benefits, of which the top ten prizes are $ 1.5 million each.

– The pharmaceutical chain provides 130 of the others who have been vaccinated with CVS Cash prizes And 100 a week Cruise ships In the Caribbean or Europe. Five trips to Bermuda are on offer.

– The state of West Virginia is offering Corona vaccine rewards to all citizens between the ages of 16 and 35. A free protection At $ 100.

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– Many states offer generously Grants To public universities to encourage young people to be vaccinated.

– Many supermarkets, often located in pharmacies in the United States, promise additional buyers for the vaccine Discounts. Many employers attract their employees to one another Vaccine bonus.

– Taxi competitors Uber and Lift offer up to a certain price across the country Free rides For vaccination. In conjunction with the government, dating apps such as Tinder, Kiel and Occupit also offer benefits to those who have been vaccinated.

– Many municipalities offer vaccines Free drinks, Snacks Or Game Event Tickets In. Occasionally, activists even distributed limbs to those who had been vaccinated.

– With United Airlines, five vaccinated persons and their associates can stay for one year Free flights Win every booking class. For the other 30 winners and their comrades, the return flight to each place served by the airline is enticing.

– According to the government’s recommendations, those who receive full protection two weeks after the final vaccination will no longer have to wear a mask in most situations.