December 9, 2022

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American Airlines removes first class on international flights

American Airlines removes first class on international flights

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Traveling abroad in business class or better is one of those things — like getting good game seats — that once you do, it’s hard to get back to the coach or the stands. Some luxuries, you will convince yourself, are worth paying for. according to The Wall Street Journalone of these options – first class seats on American Airlines International flights – he is almost. An American says that this decision was made, in part, To add more business class seats, which These days, it’s more or less old-fashioned anyway.

American He already said a lot last monthanyway The Wall Street Journal Reports That on Thursday’s earnings call, a US executive said clearly that the airline is Making the change is for the simple reason that first class doesn’t sell like other good seats on the plane.

“Frankly remove [first-class seats]We can provide more seats in Business Class, which our customers want the most or are most willing to pay for.” [said Chief Commercial Officer Vasu Raj.]


… the airline will outfit its long-haul fleet with new “master suites,” which include flat seats and sliding doors for privacy, in a renovation that will increase premium seating on those planes by more than 45% by 2026.

The new wings will be included on newly delivered Boeing 787-9s and Airbus A321 XLRs starting in 2024. American will also modify Boeing 777-300ERs to include the new wings.

The sliding door seems a bit unnecessary, but then again people become very strange on planes, especially on long flights, and some people value their privacy more than I do. More importantly, this suggests that many business-class seats lie flat, which is really a game-changer, as stepping outside after hours of sporadic sleep in the litter on an upright chair instead of a comfortable, continuous, flat sleep makes you feel good. The difference between night and day.

This, however, seems mostly an exercise in the brand, as only “first-class” sounds More expensive than “business class”, which, like The Wall Street Journal Note, most of the benefits are the same anyway. Are either of them worth it to you, poor dirty bag? This is a personal decision, although I would prefer to keep my nickel for a travel destination, getting to London or anywhere rough as a board, with a flight instructor on. The times I’ve flown in first or business class has been paid for by someone else, and that was nice of them. On one of these trips, she once sat next to actress Rooney Mara. I’m sure she was doing something more amazing in France than driving Stupid luxury SUV.

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