January 28, 2023

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Andrzej Brylabowski: Polish ambassador defends Hungarian law on homosexuality

Ambassador of Poland in Berlin, Andrzej Brylabowski has defended the Hungarian government against European criticisms of Hungarian law regarding the handling of homosexual and transgender identities. “The Hungarian parliament’s right to legally protect schoolchildren from engaging in homosexual acts” Germany (RNT). It has nothing to do with tolerance, let alone harassing homosexuals or restricting their civil rights.

As far as he knows, the law is limited to schooling, so its purpose is to protect children from early sexual abuse, Prylapsky said. In an attempt to impress the Hungarian people with the planned lighting of the stadium Munich Germany during the game of football-Hungary I think condemnation is inappropriate and hurtful, ”the ambassador said.

Claudia Roth calls for further EU action

Vice President of the Bundestack Claudia Roth (Greens) called for more EU action against Hungary in response to the law. “The move is to ban information and representation on homosexuality at the behest of Victor Orban and his team,” Roth told RND, “the new vault in the game of incompetence and contempt with the fundamental values ​​of the EU.”

Roth warned that the law was “a clear attempt to restrict freedom of expression and other civil rights in relation to the exclusion of minorities and the incitement to homosexuality.” In this way it contributes to the “split of the EU in cooperation with other dictators and dictators.”

Roth said the EU Commission’s legal action against Hungary, which has been in place since 2018, is the right approach to dealing with Urban policy. But he is very slow. “At this rate, the current Hungarian government could inflict significant and in some places irreparable damage.” The new political initiative of the European Union and the Commission is needed to “put an end to the salami tactics of the autonomous authority in the abolition of fundamental rights and freedoms.” Hungarian civil society and the democratic opposition in Hungary need “clear signals of European support”.

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The Hungarian parliament last week passed a law against “advertising” for homosexuality, introduced by the right-wing conservative leader of the government’s Fidesz party. Accepted Was. Educational programs on homosexuality or advertising by large corporations that show solidarity with homosexuals are prohibited, so there are educational books on the subject. The official goal is the protection of minors.

The Polish ruling party, Pies, strongly opposes the “LGBT ideology” it criticizes. In their view, this definitely destroys the traditional family model in the Catholic country. There have been several Polish municipalities in recent years இல்லாத Zones without LGBT Called. The EU Commission stopped EU subsidies for these areas.