December 6, 2022

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“Anyone who can be infected will be affected”: Researchers see Omigran peak in US and Great Britain – Knowledge

Scientists in the United States are seeing a turning point in the fight against the highly contagious corona mutant Omigran. She said [die Mutante] It’s going back to the speed at which it was shot, ”Ali Mogdat, a public health expert and professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, told the AP News Agency.

University models predict that the number of infections in the United States will peak by January 19 – an average of 1.2 million cases a day. After that, the numbers will drop significantly, “because anyone who can be affected will be affected,” Mogdat says.

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The New York Times reported that U.S. health officials estimated more than 1.4 million new corona cases last Monday, along with late reports from the weekend. New infections, hospitalizations and deaths are increasing every day. As Ali Mogdat announced, a turning point in the corona epidemic now seems unimaginable.

American Model: A lot more people will be affected

Unlike the United States, the UK seems to be turning a corner in the corona epidemic. Earlier this year, the government announced an increase in the number of cases – in some cases more than 200,000 corona cases per day. The seven-day event has been falling again since January 1st. Last Friday alone, 104,000 corona cases were counted. The hospital admission rate is slightly lower.

Despite the positive prognosis, experts point out that the epidemic is unpredictable and cannot produce long-term reports. Lauren Ansel Myers, a Govt-19 model at the University of Texas at Austin, told the AP News Agency that large numbers of people continue to be infected with the corona virus. Nevertheless, he expects the number of corona infections in the United States to peak – which is already this week.

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Similarly, Jack Lemieux, an epidemiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, says, “I think it’s going to be a tough winter, but the climax [der Omikron-Welle] Looks like it will be in the coming weeks “, Slow is the “Harvard Gazette”.

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“The Omikron wave lasted a few weeks in South Africa,” Lemieux continued. “I can only imagine that this wave in the United States will last for a similarly long time, perhaps even a little longer.”

The withdrawal of the Omigran variant marks a new stage in the corona infection. This is somewhat evident at the local level as well. This is how Joseph Allen, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, sees the peak of corona exposure in Boston.

Corona exposures are reported to be declining in US cities

On Saturday, Allen predicted a “sharp drop” in virus loads in sewage – a common way of studying the spread of corona in cities. Three days later, he shared another graphic of the virus load in the sewers of the east coast city of the United States: “It’s happening as expected.”