December 10, 2022

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Arkansas: The judge is now suspending the treatment ban on trans teenagers

In the US state, next week should really be together Law Enter into a practice that prohibits hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery for trans youth. Doctors who violated the ban faced fines.

But now an American judge has blocked the law for now. Judge James Moody issued a restraining order Wednesday, prosecuting four transgender people whose parents and two doctors oppose the ban. “Removing this care from these patients or minors in the medium term can cause irreparable damage,” Moody said.

Fortress of Conservative Christians

“We will fight this law as long as it is necessary to ensure that there are no young people Arkansas She is worried about losing her medical care, “said Chase Strongio, a lawyer with the ACLU Civil Rights Commission.

Arkansas is known as the stronghold of conservative Christians. State MPs have violated the veto to pass a ban on Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Proponents of the law argue that it protects young people from making regrettable decisions later. However, critics see the law as part of a conservative attack on trans people.

Another law was stopped at short notice. MPs in Arkansas demanded it It is illegal to have an abortion after a rape Is valid. Civil rights organizations have largely protested and are now gaining legal support. Judge Christine Baker wrote in her statement that the law “threatens women with their constitutional rights” and issued a restraining order against the law. This controversy soon comes to the fore Supreme Court.