October 3, 2022

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Armenian capital Yerevan: Big boom in the wholesale market

Status: 14.08.2022 18:03

At least one person has been killed in an explosion in a building in a market in Armenia. At least 57 people were injured. A warehouse containing crackers may have exploded.

Several houses collapsed due to the force of the explosion: At least one person was killed and 57 injured in a violent explosion in a building in a market in Armenia. At least seven people were hospitalized for treatment, the Civil Defense Ministry said.

The accident happened outside the center of the capital, Yerevan. A warehouse full of firecrackers may have exploded due to violation of fire safety regulations. A gas line also burst. In one video, several consecutive explosions were heard.

Many buildings collapsed

According to rescue workers, there may still be people under the rubble. Many buildings collapsed or were damaged. A cloud of smoke spread over the city. Cars were covered in dust and debris.

The former Soviet republic of Armenia in the South Caucasus, bordering Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, is one of the poorest countries in the region. Repeatedly violates basic safety regulations. Rescue workers and firefighters were stationed without protective masks.

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