December 10, 2022

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Arrested in California – father and son reportedly start wildfire – News Abroad

Sacramento – Every year in late summer a devastating wildfire erupts in the United States. The state of California was particularly hard hit this year. But now the findings of investigators are even more shocking!

A father and son were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of triggering a massive wildfire in California in late August. It destroyed many homes and forced tens of thousands of people to flee communities around Lake Tahoe, a popular lake on the border between California and the neighboring state of Nevada.

The judge issued a fire warrant for David Scott Smith, 66, and his son Travis Shane Smith, 32.

Mark Rachel, the couple’s lawyer, announced that the original fire was started by accident.

Wildfires destroyed many livelihoods in late summer, and lifts were used in the area, which is popular with skiers.Photo: Nova Berger / AB

According to officials, houses set on fire by the two may have burned down and people were seriously injured. The Caldor fire destroyed more than 897 square kilometers from Sacramento to the eastern Nevada border and threatened ski resorts and other well-known recreational areas.

About 1,000 residential and commercial buildings were also destroyed in the fire. They did not say how investigators found the two.

Prosecutors said a criminal lab, the fire department and the California Department of Justice worked together to find the suspects.

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